Wednesday, January 11, 2012

the taylors come to visit

suzi and her kids came to visit after christmas and it was so fun to hang out. kate and emma were reunited again and it was fun to see how they have grown so much since the last time we were together (and how they still don't look related at all).
logan and sophie were little buds (who got into a couple of times). here they are playing air hockey, with ellie refereeing. it was hilarious to watch them (and how often they scored on themselves).
mark and a few of the older boys were playing a game and the losers had to roll down the hill in the snow without their shirts or shoes and socks on. i think mark must have been pretty confident he would win or else i don't think he would have agreed (or come up with the bet in the first place). looks like that backfired on him.
i can't remember what they were looking at, but logan likes to do whatever his cousins (especially cade and carter) do.
we headed to open gymnastics at the rec center. it's been a year since the last time we were there and logan LOVED it. i think we might need to get him into a class soon. emma hung out in a corner (safe from the chaos) the whole time we were there and was even befriended by a little girl who would bring her toys. we had such a great time and i can't wait to go back.

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