Wednesday, January 11, 2012

zoo lights

the week after christmas we went with my family to the zoo lights. i love seeing the place all lit up, it is pretty magical. although it is a little nerve wracking to be there amongst the masses in the dark with a toddler who doesn't want to hold your hand. i actually wished we had one of those "child on a leash" things. but we returned home with the two kids we came with and logan had a great time with his cousins, so all in all it was a success!

i didn't have my camera on the right setting (in either picture apparently), but logan loved watching the kangaroos jump.
 i'm dying over the hat emma got for christmas! she is seriously the cutest!
and a few pictures of my handsome logan from earlier in the day in his new outfit from christmas. i wanted a picture to send to pete and kathy (the gifters of the cute outfit) and i resorted to bribing logan with candy (which worked for the last picture, taken on my phone). lately he has been into covering his eyes when i try and take a picture.

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