Thursday, October 14, 2010

climbing kiddo

these are just a few of the places i frequently find logan (and actually got a picture of). he loves to climb onto, into and through anything he can (the dishwasher pictures are blurry because the only camera handy was on my phone).

other favorites include:
  • playing cars. i hear him "vrooming" constantly
  • reading books (being read to and also "reading" to himself and looking at the pictures). he especially likes ones about cars and trucks and he will do the actions when we read 5 little monkeys.
  • pushing buttons. turning on dave's x-box is a favorite because the button lights up green
  • drinking milk. he would drink it all day if he could. i think this is why his nail grow so fast too. i can't seem to keep up and he always has scratches on his face.
  • throwing balls. i must say, he has a pretty good arm too!
  • taking a bath. he can be fussy and the second he gets into the bath he is suddenly a happy camper. he crawls around, throws things, splashes and tries to drink the water (and i try to stop that before it happens)
  • chasing his dad. since logan isn't walking yet the chasing occurs on the ground by crawling after dave. he crawls so fast i wonder if he'll ever see a need to walk ;)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


i was getting ready one night for a jewelry party and left all my jewelry out. the next morning i came out and found logan sporting one of my necklaces. doesn't he look cute?! i think he could be the new face of premier designs jewelry!

logan loves to talk just like his mom! i love it! he is constantly jabbering, mimicking words we say and i am amazed at how quickly he picks up new ones. here's the list of his current words (along with a lot of side notes. i not only want to remember what logan said, but how he said it):

(he makes this noise while playing with his cars and trucks, while we're driving in the car and pretty much anytime he sees a picture of something with wheels)
home ("ome")
(when we pull up to the house)
dog ("daow")
quack-quack ("wak-wak")
hippo ("bah-po")
moo (when asked what sound a cow makes)
roar (when asked what sound a lion makes)
hot ("ot")
water ("wah-der")
josh (his cousin)
mama/mom/mommy (i hear him calling mommy all day long:)
pappy (dave's dad)
papa (my dad)
(he loves to push buttons. he says push when he pushes his glo worm to make the music play and when he pushes the button on the wipes box that makes the lid pop open)
(he loves to play peek-a-boo. he hides behind things or bends down behind the pews at church... and then pops out and says boo. he also covers his head with his blanket and then pulls it off and says boo!)
usu (pronounced "oos")
(dave's co-worker's wife is from japan and they named their dog "oos" which is japanese for "ugh!" dave thinks it's hilarious when logan says it)
yum ("ummmmm")
(said while eating when he likes how something tastes. he says it so enthusiastically it makes me feel like a great cook :)
mo (what he calls his friend morgan. i already mentioned their future plans in this post)
(he knows what walking is, even if he doesn't do it)
(he loves to say this and wave to everyone when we leave)
baby ("bee-bee")
(said whenever he sees a picture of a baby or himself)
(for his brush, comb or toothbrush. he likes to brush his hair and teeth)
(after we say, "ready, set..." he will yell "go!" this is usually when he is about to go down the slide. he loves the slide.)
(now he can let us know when he is done eating by saying down. i much prefer this to how he used to let us know he was done...screaming or throwing his food on the floor)
elmo ("melmo")
shoes ("joos")
toast ("doast)
(what he eats every morning for breakfast. i know he is ready to eat when he starts asking for doast)
jesus ("desus")
nose ("knowz")
apple ("bapple")

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

welcome october

there are a few things that always make it feel like october. the changing leaves, the cooler temperatures (we're finally getting a few cooler days that feel like fall), putting up halloween decorations (i still need to do), the tacky halloween yard decorations that spring up on my street (although i do appreciate their festivity...just not the inflatable decorations...and that goes for any holiday). but what really made it feel like october...general conference! as always, it was wonderful, inspiring, motivating and hopefully will be the springboard for me to make some good goals, establish better habits and become more christlike. we are so blessed to have a living prophet and apostles on the earth!!

saturday morning started out with our tradition of donuts and chocolate milk. i LOVE this tradition and based on logan's response to donuts, i think it is one he'll like too!

logan slept through pretty much both sessions on both days. it made dave and i's conference experience so nice! i'm thinking it will be the last time that we'll be "childless" while watching conference for a long time. but i did manage to take a couple of cute pictures of him snuggling and watching conference with his dad the little bit he was awake.

logan was fascinated with the mormon tabernacle choir

check out those lips (in the right picture)! he cracks me up. i love this kid!

welcome october!

autumn colors

a couple of weeks ago we went for a drive to see the autumn leaves. it was peaceful and beautiful (our pictures don't do it justice).

we had some traffic delays getting home that added some stress (we were worried i was going to be late to a work obligation and dave had loads of homework to do) and it didn't help that logan was crying by this time and wouldn't go to sleep. but we choose not to focus on that part of the trip ;) all in all, we thought the jeep's tire cover summed things up perfectly!