Saturday, January 18, 2014

slice of life: iPhone edition

life lately according to my phone
while reading books, emma jumped up on the couch and started cuddling up to logan. he said, "i'll snuggle with you emma!" i love what good friends they are.
family prayers
waving hi to the geese on a perfect fall morning at wash park
grandpa gg and the boys
we taught logan to play dirty marbles. he is surprisingly good for a 4 year old and beat me (while on dave's team, but he made the decisions on which marbles to move). and he was trash talking!
playing in their "clubhouse!"
"rapunzel, rapunzel. let down your hair."
monster mini golf date
on the way home from preschool we drove past a house on our street where they were pouring concrete. of course we had to stop! then i let the kids walk home by "themselves" while i drove along side them. they thought they were so big! holding hands and sticking together, done without prompting (which totally melted my heart!).
argyle guys! 
best dad ever! when she wants her toes and nails pained, she always asks him!
emma created a secret hideout/princess castle for she and connor
this time when logan and i played marbles he beat me! seriously!
so grateful for lifelong friends! lunch together before maegan moved to minnesota.
my baking partner!
meeting the chick-fil-a cow! lauren hansen wasn't a fan!
celebrating nana on her birthday!
love my mom!
you're never too young for dress up
first time in the swing!
last year dave and i became obsessed with the show "lost" (we had a love/hate relationship with it). when the january "ensign" came i had to do a double take because i swore benjamin linus was on the front cover! it's really joseph fielding smith, but all i see is benjamin linus!
this outfit is 12 years old! it was first worn by josh rawlings (and i can remember him in it) and now it has been worn by both of my boys! i love it! 
sharing a chair and cereal!
the wonder and excitement of the car wash
drop in gym with cousins! 
you can always count on nana to read books (check out the stack on her lap)! passing her love of reading on. this is just the most fitting picture!
my favorite person to ring in the new year with! love him!
there are no words to describe how much i love this guy!

someone got into gammy's makeup and knew right where the mascara should go!
first time trying "food" (a rice cracker). we think he liked it. the bigger kids for sure loved watching him eat his "baby cracker!"
dads really are the most fun!
i love rediscovering logan's old clothes. like this outfit my friend lindsay gave me as a gift! still just as cute the second time around!
for christmas emma got to go to a gym jammers class (from nana and papa). she loves it! the other day i asked her what her favorite park of class was and she said, "shaking my booty!" ha! that's my girl! 
i love this girl!
the princess was ready for bed!
they're ready to go "swimming!"
our little dino has a chomper!
rodeo games at preschool. they included barrel racing on their "stick" horses (logan's is named lightning), bucking bronco, milking a cow and branding a cow! so fun!
roasting marshmallows over the fire and listening to cowboy songs
puzzles with his favorite friend from preschool, kara (he will even tell you how to spell her name!)
snuggles with my favorite girl