Monday, January 2, 2012

christmas day with the todds

i really like seeing all the christmas posts around the blogosphere. there is something so fun about seeing people's trees and decorations, traditions and cute kiddos in their pjs on christmas morning. there's something special about being able to peek into people's homes on such a magical and meaningful morning. before heading to church with my parents, we celebrated with our little family.
logan was so excited to see that santa ate the cookies (and left a few crumbs) and drank the milk. he even left a note thanking logan for the treats and for being a good boy! i love emma in the background, going after her present! baby girl already knows what she wants!
 there was a pile of wrapped presents on the couch from santa but it was almost as if logan didn't even see them. he only had eyes for the candy that santa had brought (m&m's and candy canes). we had to encourage him to actually open his presents! maybe santa should have just brought him candy ;)
once he got the presents unwrapped he was pretty happy with his "cars" cars that santa brought. good thing too because santa had a hard time finding those cars and was lucky he won the bid on ebay (santa is resourceful)!

 emma got a sophie giraffe. it does look and sound a little like a dog toy, but she likes it!
dave has been talking up my present for weeks. to throw me off he suspended the envelope in a big box with string. so when i shook it, it felt like it was empty. tricky!
he did VERY well! he got me tickets to see tim mcgraw and kenny chesney when they come in concert (TOGETHER) this summer! i was super surprised because i didn't think he would even know they were coming! i can't wait for july!  
dave wasn't the only one with a trick up his sleeve! i wrapped up a little poem in a small box (weighted with a spool of ribbon) to throw him off. he gets VERY curious and is definitely a present shaker. so i wanted to mess with him a little. the poem sent him searching through the house for his present.
 and he was quite pleased with his new xbox 360!
 after a wonderful church meeting we spent the rest of the day at my parent's house.

 nana and papa got logan a basketball hoop. it has proven to be a HUGE hit!
 my dad opening the present from all us kids (for he and my mom). we set up a mission account for them. we can't wait for them to serve a mission. they will be incredible missionaries!
 dinner was delicious (and the table looked so festive)!
we are so grateful for the birth and life of our savior! he brings so much peace, happiness and purpose to our lives individually and as a family. we're grateful that because of him we can grow, progress and become better each day and that our family can be eternal. we hope your christmas was filled with the peace, love and hope that christ brings!


Holly said...

So much fun! And what an adorable dress that Emma has on!

Amy said...

What a terrific day! I love the pics of everyone in their jammies and bedhead. I'm excited for you to get to go to that concert! Way to go Dave!