Sunday, August 30, 2009

a day of rest

logan sporting his sunday best. he looked so old in his button down shirt and church pants. i know it is a cliche parent thing to say, but he is growing up too fast!


the last time i went running i was 5 months pregnant. however the bigger i got the less appealing (or more painful) running became. so i traded my runs for daily walks at lunch with my friend jessica. but i was envious of the runners that passed by us as we walked. i missed running. then logan was born. almost everyday we go for a walk on a trail by our house and i watch the runners with envy. but once again the thought of running has been a painful one. but yesterday all that changed! logan and i headed over to my parents house for a visit and he spent some quality time with nana and papa while i headed out on a run. my body seemed to know where to go without even thinking. as i ran, i thought back on other "milestone" runs along my familiar route. i remember going for a run right after opening my acceptance letter to byu. i was thrilled and felt like i was floating (even going up the big hill). the day after i returned home from my mission i went for a run. it was the first time in 18 months i had been completely alone and i kept looking around for my companion. within minutes my lungs felt like they were going to explode as my body adjusted back to the high elevation. and yesterday it didn't take long before my legs were aching and the pace i was going probably couldn't qualify as running, but it sure felt good to be back!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

ode to the swing

thank you swing. you made it possible for me to catch up on a few items today (like some outstanding blogs). i still have mountains of laundry to fold and some cleaning to do, but i got a few things accomplished in between feedings thanks to your help (although getting ready was not one of them. dave just got home from work and i am still in my pajamas)!

logan's blessing

in our church we don't perform infant baptism as we believe babies are innocent and sinless and people don't need to be baptized until they are older and accountable for their actions. we do however give each baby a blessing shortly after they are born. on sunday, august 16 logan was given a beautiful blessing by his dad. he was perfect and didn't make a peep (phew)! he even slept during all of sacrament meeting and didn't seem to mind getting passed from one end of the row to the other!
he wore the same blessing outfit that all 7 of his boy cousins have worn for their blessings. the blanket he is laying on was made by his great grandma todd 7 years ago. it has just been waiting all these years for me to get married and have a baby!

i love the little shoes!
we are so lucky to have so much family that lives here and could celebrate the special day with us. great grandma and grandpa muir were in town for the weekend and we were happy they could be there.
our little family
of course we love a good excuse to get together and eat.
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road trip

the first weekend in august logan went on his first road trip. we headed to utah for my friend andrea's wedding and we were lucky enough to have aunt kari join us. the drive went smoothly except for a stop by the wyoming state patrol for speeding in a construction zone. yikes! the ironic thing was i had just been bragging to kari minutes earlier that i was being good and not speeding like i usually do on road trips. luckily i got off with just a warning. logan was an angel in the car and didn't make a peep except for when he was hungry and then he let us know loud and clear that he wanted to eat immediately. as a result we were able to spend some quality time in places like wamsutter, wyoming (the loves truck stop there is quite could even take a shower if you wanted. don't worry, we passed on the shower). on the way home we worked out a good system of me pumping and feeding logan while kari drove. it shaved a few hours off the trip and on the way home wyoming didn't seem (as much) like the never ending state.
we stayed in ogden with erin and john and logan was finally able to meet the last of his aunts and uncles

chillin' with aunt erin. she had the magic touch!
little logan with big john
driving from ogden to provo for the wedding i was reminded of a few things:
1. I-15 is always under construction
2. utah drivers have no concept of the purpose of the left lane. seriously folks, it is the FAST lane/passing lane. get over slow drivers! and if you are pulling a boat or a big trailer you definitely don't qualify to be in the left lane.

the weather was beautiful, the bride was beautiful and the sealing was beautiful. i was so happy i could be there for andrea's big day.
thanks kari and erin for watching logan so i could go.
the reception was gorgeous. it was at andrea's parent's amazing home. i love how in the picture above andrea is just gazing up at jonathan.
i was lucky enough to squeeze in a quick visit with my old mission companion kimber. she is awesome and it had been way too long since we had seen each other. we recommitted (once again) to being better at keeping in touch.
it was fun to be back in provo. i have so many wonderful memories there and i forgot how much i love it. it was fun to take logan around byu campus.
as you can tell he was enthralled by the experience
kari deflating the air mattress! it's the only picture i have of her from the whole trip. i didn't even get a picture of erin, kari and i. i was a slacker. it sure was a fun trip though!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

it's official...

i am a stay at home mom. i went into work today and let them know i won't be coming back. i filled out the paperwork, had my exit interview and said my goodbyes. on the way home i even got stuck in major rush hour traffic on I-25 just for old times sake (although this time i had a hungry, screaming baby in the back seat which added a new element to the drive). i will miss my wonderful co-workers, but i am soo excited to be able to stay at home with this guy everyday! i love him so much!

this bottom picture is to make you laugh!

fresh and clean!

this was following logan's bath where i didn't close the plug on the bottom of the baby bathtub resulting in water all over our kitchen counter and floor. i was totally oblivious to it until dave came into the room and pointed it out (can i blame my oblivion on being sleep deprived?!). whoops! oh well, the kitchen floor needed to be cleaned anyway! :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

lions & tigers & bears, oh my!

dave and i took logan to the zoo a couple of weeks ago. but let's be honest, it was really for us since he spent almost the whole visit like this...
he did have a fantastic driver...
(obviously the photographer wasn't as good as the driver since the picture is blurry).
we are now part of the stroller posse at the zoo (seriously, strollers everywhere)
we saw lots of cool animals.
it had been a long time since either dave or i had been to the zoo
we tested how far we could jump. i think i was maybe a jackrabbit. that's kinda a scary action shot of me.
this guy makes our hearts melt
dave always humors my need to get a picture of us wherever we go

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

my rock stars

apparently logan doesn't know if he feels good about being a rock star


logan's picasso impression
don't worry, after i took the picture i repositioned his head

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

celebrate with a burger

after much deliberation dave and i decided to go to "elways" to celebrate our anniversary. for those not from denver, it is john elway's restaurant (he was a quarterback for the denver broncos) and it is really expensive (which means we had never been there before). in an effort not to blow the budget we decided to go for lunch when the menu was more "affordable" (although the salmon was still $20...without any sides...and that still seemed like too much). we both ended up getting a bacon cheeseburger and it was amazing! probably the best burger i have ever had.
so if you're in the denver area and have something to celebrate, i recommend celebrating with a burger from elway's!

Friday, August 14, 2009


i went to the dentist earlier this week and i have a cavity. my first cavity. ever. i have to admit i am a little nervous to get it filled. this is new territory for me and i am not looking forward to getting a shot in my mouth. i definitely didn't get any sympathy from dave though. he has had a lot more dental work than me (especially in the past 2 years) and he doesn't eat near the amount of sweets or sugar that i do. i guess i have pretty good genetics (at least dental genetics) which is a good thing since i don't forsee my sweet tooth going away any time soon.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


logan is definitely his father's son. he makes the funniest faces (here are a few classic dave faces for your viewing pleasure). of course even though we have taken tons of pictures, i still can't seem to catch some of his funnier faces (like when he is farting or trying to poop and he puckers his lips). but here are a few i have caught.


we know he's hungry when he will suck on dave's nose (don't ask how we figured that one out)

no neck. he looks a little like jabba the hut to me 
(except much cuter, of course)

our little homie

not quite sure about what's going on

we can't get enough of this guy! we are so in love!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

2 years!

who knew life could be so fun?! i love you dave!