Thursday, January 12, 2012

nye 2011

our expectations for new year's eve weren't too high. dave got his wisdom teeth out the day before and we planned on a low-key night at home ringing in the new year. logan and i selectively enjoyed dave's liquid diet. like smoothies. i think i also had a milkshake four nights in a row. it was awesome! although not so awesome for dave who subsisted on mashed potatoes and soup for much longer than he would have liked.
logan modeled the "outside the pants" underwear look. he hasn't showed any interest in wearing them under his pants, but he thinks they make a great addition to most any wardrobe.
our new year's eve actually ended up better than expected. we headed to my parents house for dinner and a fun dice game called whoopie. all of the kids except logan, sophie and the babies played and it involved winning candy, so needless to say it was a hit. when you win you get to move to another table. i stayed at my table the whole game. even my 5 year old nephew moved on to a new table. sad for me. but it was a lot of fun and i want to plan a whoopie night! afterward the kids watched a movie, the adults chatted and we all toasted a new year at 9:22 pm! we joke that we rang in the new year as it happened somewhere in the atlantic! 
"brothers don't shake hands. brothers gotta hug!"
i can't get enough of this little girl!
i just love this ladybug outfit and her killer red boots that she got for christmas!
toasting with a little martinelli. man do i love that stuff!
doesn't dave look great! you wouldn't guess he got his wisdom teeth out the day before. he had barely any swelling.
suzi was teaching logan how to clink glasses...err, plastic cups!
starting the new year in style
a sharp dressed little man. he cracks me up!
classy in black, with sparkles! perfect for the new year!

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Holly said...

Martinellis! I think I remember a night drinking some and watching movies in our apartment. Good times.