Monday, January 2, 2012


in december we celebrated a couple of birthdays. 
first my mom's
 my sister found this beautiful "generation tree" necklace for us to give her
 of course there were treats (we are talking about my mom after all) and silliness 
i think my mom is so beautiful and she is an incredible woman. i admire her in so many ways and hope i can be the kind of person and mother she is.
a few days later logan (and actually the whole family) got to attend a birthday party for his little friend tessa 
i think this picture is awesome. logan is "posing." at least i think he is, because otherwise i'm not sure what he's up to. and tessa, the birthday girl (sitting next to him), doesn't look too happy.  
the party was at the museum of nature and science, which logan couldn't have been more excited about. he talks about going to the museum and seeing the dinosaurs at least once a day. they have a really cool dinosaur exhibit where the dinosaurs follow your movement and roar at you! 

we also spent some time in the discovery zone, which is always entertaining.

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