Monday, June 16, 2014

logan's last day at EMP

at the end of may (may 23rd), logan had his last day of preschool. the year went so fast and it is hard to believe it is over (first day post). he couldn't have had a better year or a better teacher! we all loved mrs. maggie!
logan decorated a card and envelope to take to her on the last day. i love the picture on the envelope is he and mrs. maggie walking in the rain together, holding umbrellas!
logan's 2 favorite girls from class: lily and kara
kara stole his heart! she told her mom one day, "logan is my crush and i am logan's crush!" which is totally true! she is a darling, sassy, spunky girl. at least we know logan has good taste! here's a note his TA sent home earlier in the year of a conversation between logan and kara:

mrs. maggie made the sweetest scrapbook that included artwork and pictures from the year. i loved getting of glimpse through the pictures of what school was like for logan. and logan has loved looking at it too. on the valentine's page below, mrs. maggie wrote the things that logan loves. my favorite one was that he said kara! 
this totally looks like an engagement picture! ha!
on the last day of school they had an ice cream social especially for grandparents. logan was so lucky that gammy and pappy could come (nana and papa were in utah). we were so happy they could make it. 
emma loved mrs. maggie! you could think she was emma's teacher too. each morning when we would drop logan off, emma would go into the classroom and make herself at home, playing and painting. i'm so grateful maggie was so sweet to her. then emma would make a silly face at her, pretend to be a monkey hanging on the door and we would be on our way.
and these were logan's guy friends, noah and sebastian.
emp class picture
back row (L-R): mrs. maggie, connor, taylor, noah, logan, mrs. jenn
front row (L-R): mason, miriam, lily, kara, aurelia
i have to share this hilarious story about cute aurelia. on the last day of school while they were eating snacks they went around the table and said what they wanted to be. kara said she wanted to be a superhero. when it got around to the other side of the table where logan was sitting he said, "i want to be whatever kara is!" and then aurelia, who has a huge crush on logan (she would get dressed in the morning in pretty dresses and say, "this is for logan"), said, "but we're getting married! and we're going to have 5 kids. and after we have our first baby, we're going to visit my parents." isn't that hilarious! apparently logan seemed a little shell shocked! 
mrs. maggie lives near both of logan's grandparents and logan is sure we're going to run into her at the grocery store over there! hopefully we'll be that lucky!

Monday, June 9, 2014

connor crawls and other milestones

on may 8th, while we were at emma's gym jammers class, connor crawled for the first time!  it was so exciting! we were sitting on the floor in the gym where her class met and suddenly he was crawling. i watched stunned for a minute before i jumped up and got my phone. it took a little coaxing to get him to do it again for the camera. since then he's been a crawling machine and he is so happy with his newfound freedom! i love seeing the predicaments he gets himself into! and i have been very  aware of how dirty my floors are, as he seems to find even the tiniest crumbs and everything goes in his mouth!

for the sake of memories, i also wanted to record that on april 6th i weaned connor. it was months earlier than i had hoped, but with his 6 teeth (and especially the top 4 teeth) and his affinity for biting me, i couldn't do it any longer. he had started biting a month earlier, but by april 6th it had gotten so bad i just couldn't do it anymore. even though it was too painful to continue, it made me really sad to stop. it's been pretty cute watching him hold his bottle though! 
and this sweet guy has started saying "mama," and sometimes it's even in relation to me!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

slice of life: life lately

my mom donated the stove portion of the little kitchen my grandpa made (and that we grew up playing with) and i had to take a picture of it. 
fun at the zoo

connor's first time in the shopping cart
i finally tried cookie butter. yum!
free breakfast at chick-fil-a
i left the park and discovered this :( thankfully I pulled over across the street from the kindest man. he noticed my plight and used his AAA benefits to get my tire changed, invited us to wait on his porch, brought the kids juice and some of his grandkids toys to keep them entertained. it was a powerful reminder that the lord is aware of us (i don't think it was by chance i ended up parked where i was) and hears and answers prayers (and often through other people). and that there are good, good people in this world!
looking at rolly pollies and showing some bum crack!
foam rolling as a family!
group hug! i think someone was a little overwhelmed with all the love and was planning his exit strategy.
from january to the end of may emma was in a little gym jammers class where they did all sorts of movement and music activities. miss hannah, her teacher, was incredible and we met some great friends. miss hannah got a new job and we were so sad to see her go.  
she was in class with some great kids (who have great parents!)
we celebrated national chocolate chip cookie day!
80 degree weather = beanie weather for emma!
logan made a clay dinosaur (on a rocket) at school and chose to give it to his friend tuck!
so many amazing places to explore!
oh the fun that can be had with a box
however, when you put the box on the coffee table and try to climb in, things can turn ugly. the coffee table won this battle. i wasn't sure if it was bad enough to need stitches, but my car was in the shop (of course, when something like this happens) and my friend mindy came over and instead of heading to the mall to play like we had planned, we headed to the doctor. logan was not happy about it and threw a fit the entire ride (and also threw a coloring book).
luckily they could just glue it instead of stitches, which is a good thing because logan was going ballistic. the entire time it was getting glued, logan was yelling at the doctor,"get away from me" and "get out of here." let's just say he isn't the toughest guy when it comes to sickness or injury ;)
connor was refusing his baby food, so we gave him a slice of pizza and he loved it!
whoops! i'm not quite sure how i totally missed her shoulder blades. #momfail
after a hiatus from markers, i thought the kids might be ready for them again. or not...