Friday, October 5, 2012

camping buddies

 at the end of september we went camping and i only took 2 pictures! i can't believe it (and the one below is blurry, but still cute so i had to post it). it almost felt like pseudo camping because we were in a state park, just 15 minutes from home (it was nice to know that if the kids didn't do well, home wasn't too far away) and we took the easiest route possible for food and had jimmy johns for dinner and went to village inn for breakfast! haha! but we made s'mores, slept in a tent (and the kids did pretty well) and logan was in heaven just running around with finn, while emma did her best to keep up! 
all in all i was happy to squeeze in one (tent) camping experience before summer was over! 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

this time next week...

we'll be headed here
and i can hardly wait!
dave and i are going to celebrate our fifth anniversary.
a getaway with just dave anywhere is fantastic, but to nyc...i'm just giddy!  i haven't been there in 4 whole years and dave has never been. i think nyc is so magical and i'm so excited to go with my love!

i'm hoping while we're there we get to:
tour ellis island and the statue of liberty (i love ellis island)
check out the high line
visit the 9/11 memorial 
shake shack
and of course places like central park and times square.

what are your favorite nyc spots?!

Monday, October 1, 2012


like most people, i love fall! and even though fall officially begins in september, to me october = fall
and today fall has delivered me a great first day!
i woke up to the sound of rain outside my window
an awesome turbo kick workout to start things off
a new candle that has made my house smell yummy
watching taylor swift music videos! don't be fooled by the pictures, logan kept requesting more. sorry dave, your boy likes taylor swift!
and obviously so does emma! she loves to dance!
i made soup for the first time in awhile and it sat simmering on the stove for hours and tasted so good!
i had all the windows open and i cleaned my whole house, which it desperately needed (and makes me so happy! i can't stand it when it's messy)
i listened to this talk. amazing, as elder holland always is. and it got me so excited for general conference this weekend!
and now the kids are in bed and dave and i are enjoying some freshly baked snickerdoodles (dave's request) and watching revolution.
i've got my first can of pumpkin that is just waiting to be turned into bread and a few halloween decorations that need to be put up!
welcome october. 
we're off to a good start!


yesterday was emma's first time wearing piggies! she looks so cute! she's so busy that i had a hard time getting a picture.
logan also wanted a picture of the back of his head!
and the best part, dave is the one that did them! he is so awesome! these pictures were from him doing her piggies again today! isn't he the sweetest?! (that's actually a smile below on emma's face, not a cry. it's hard to tell)
i love dave's look of concentration