Sunday, January 15, 2012

emma: 9 months

time seems to be going by at warp speed. how is emma already 9 months?! i made her year appointment at the doctor the other day and it almost made me cry. stop growing up so fast! with that said, i love this age! i love how her personality is showing through more and how she is so interactive. it's such a fun age!
(emma got this hat for christmas and i think she looks so cute in it! so i decided to have her wear it instead of a bow.)
here are her stats:
17 pounds 9.5 ounces - 25th percentile
27 inches - 25th percentile
44 cm

loves to grab hair, faces and especially noses
he is attracted to computers, phones...anything that has a screen that lights up
she's started babbling "ma ma ma" and "ba ba ba" a lot
she is soo close to crawling. i swear it is going to happen any day. in the meantime she likes to get into "downward dog" position sometimes. it is awesome!

we have yet to find something she won't eat. this girl seriously loves food (she is clearly both a todd and wessler)
recently she's tried: 
black beans, toast, macaroni noodles, graham crackers, bananas, various cereals (thanks to logan), diced peaches
her  hair is getting thicker
she loves books
we just stopped swaddling her when she sleeps
she gives head bumps
she loves her lovie and finds the corner just like logan does, although she sucks on hers
she has just started clapping and it is so fun! i am constantly trying to get her to do it, including saying "clappy, clappy" in what i'm sure is an annoying voice!
when i put her down for bed she holds her legs straight up in the air. she also loves to let them slam down when she's in her crib. 
she loves to play with whatever necklace i am wearing while nursing
 she grabs at everything! and boy is she quick. most of what makes it into her hands ends up in her mouth.
she prefers logan's cars, trucks and trains to any of her soft baby toys
she's the perfect amount of chunk!
i can't get enough of kissing her chubby cheeks
she loves to be held, by pretty much anyone
she loves to be held upside down.
she kicks her legs and claps her hands when she gets excited
she has just started rolling over onto her belly when she's sleeping
just a few days ago i found her sitting up in bed!
her smile lights up her whole face and makes me so happy. i just can't help but smile when i see it.
she's even cute when she's crying

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