Thursday, March 27, 2008

happy easter!

i am finally getting around to blogging about our easter. dave is playing tennis ball dodgeball tonight with some guys from our old singles ward (yes, dodgeball with tennis balls...they leave a little bit more of mark when you get hit). so i am watching "enchanted" (dave won't be sad he missed it...once was enough for him), eating lucky charms and blogging a little.

we had a nice easter. when i got out of bed dave had left a trail of cadbury mini eggs leading to my easter basket (i love easter candy...cadbury cream eggs and mini eggs, starburst jelly beans...yum! plus i got the eye shadow i had run out of...bisque...what a wondeful color!)

i am so grateful for easter and the chance to reflect on the love of the savior and the chance for progression and life in greater abundance. i am grateful for our understanding of the savior, his atonement and how personal our relationship with him can be.

we had my parents over for easter dinner (we were sad dave's family couldn't come too). dave made a delicious apricot glazed pork tenderloin and we had a great time visiting.

in a previous post i admitted to cutting a piece of cake out of the center of a row. now i can see where i got it from. here is the pan of brownies after my mom had gotten to it. she doesn't like edges either!

concentrating on our game of rumikub

it took awhile before dave was finally able to play (by this time i think i only had 2 or 3 tiles left)

we hope everyone had a wonderful easter with friends and family and drew closer to jesus christ.
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Friday, March 21, 2008

good friday

good friday=getting to work this morning at 8:50 am and leaving at 4:00 pm, a spontaneous donut run at 10:30 am to satisfy a craving that me and 3 of my co-workers had, running an errand after lunch for an hour (it's always nice to get out of the office), talking to my friend jane on the phone, a nap on the couch with my husband when i got home, an appointment to teach someone in our complex with the missionaries! yes, it has been a good friday!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

spring has officially sprung

happy spring! it has officially arrived and the weather here in colorado even cooperated. it was beautiful today and i celebrated by going for a run at lunch. it was so nice outside and although it was pretty windy, i'm not complaining because the sun was shining (and the wind kept me from getting too sweaty). i love spring so much! it was one of my favorite seasons. i love the sunshine, i love being able to leave the house with just a jacket, i love to drive with the windows down, i love opening the windows and blinds in the apartment and how everything feels so fresh, i love the flowers and i love how it is a season of rebirth and renewal. welcome back to colorado spring, i hope you decide to finally stick around (you never know with crazy colorado weather).

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

think green!

to celebrate st. patrick's day we made green pancakes and green "orange" julius (no corned beef and cabbage for us...actually i don't think i have ever had that traditional meal). i guess that growing up dave's mom would sometimes do this on st. patty's day and we had a great time celebrating our first st. patty's day together.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

a few of my favorite things this weekend

  • celebrating jen's brithday and seeing friends
  • cutting my piece of cake right out of the middle of a new row [no edges :)]
  • getting to know my relief society sisters better at enrichment
  • a helpful husband who ran to the store early saturday morning to buy a quiche for enrichment since mine didn't turn out :(
  • brittany's delicious muffins
  • making it to the end of my friend carla's bridal shower (i didn't know if i would get to make it because of enrichment. luckily i got to do both)
  • seeing the wives of the littleton 3rd branch branch presidency (they are THE BEST)
  • "sweet tomatoes" for dinner! i love that place...a super big salad, macaroni & cheese, cornbread, pizza bread, grilled cheese dippers and the peanut butter chocolate chip cookie cup (i think that last one was created with me in mind). what i didn't like was how i totally overate and felt like i could barely make it to the car because i was so full. a walk around the mall helped a little.
  • a clean apartment! my *wonderful* husband cleaning the whole apartment since i did the grocery shopping. he is THE BEST and i am a lucky girl!
  • visiting anna and chris and meeting darling sascha
  • "saved by the bell"
  • sunflower market-this is the greatest place! i was actually contemplating dedicating an entire post to the place, but i guess i will just stick with a bullet point within a post. it is fantastic for produce. yesterday i got carrots, lettuce, grape tomatoes, oranges, pineapple and 4 ears of corn for only $10!! plus some nice old man told me i had pretty hair while we were both shucking our corn.
  • talking with my mom on the phone for a bit
  • cinnamon crumb cake
  • a full refrigerator
  • new phone. now the battery will last longer than 5 minutes hopefully!
  • nice email from our friends, the volkel's
  • gospel doctrine
  • sunday nap
  • dinner at dave's parents house
  • watching "work and the glory" (my first time)
  • talking on skype with ang and her kiddos

Sunday, March 16, 2008


even though tags are a little silly i think they're fun. this is from my friend maegan.
what was I doing 10 years ago?
it was the second semester of my junior year in high school. i probably had recently returned from a cheerleading competition in florida. i am sure i was busy being social, hating chemistry and excited to go to washington dc with my parents to visit my sister and brother-in-law for spring break.
5 things on my to-do list today:
hmm, just 5...well considering it is sunday my list is a little shorter than usual.
read my scriptures
write in my journal
read the relief society lesson
email some friends
write some thank you cards
things i would do if i were a billionaire:
pay off dave's student loan, quit my job, travel...lot's of travel, buy a house, save and have lot's of kids...i'm sure there would be more but since i don't count on being a billionaire any time soon i think it's ok to stop there!
3 of my bad habits:
*always running late. it's not that i like to be late, it's just that i always think i can do more in a period of time than i really can (and then i end up being late). it drives dave crazy and i am trying to be better.
*eating way too much junk food. i'm not very good at moderation. once i start i have a hard time stopping.
*i like to put my cold or clammy feet on dave's feet. i guess it's not really a bad habit, but it drives dave crazy and that makes me laugh.
5 places i have lived:
provo, utah
washington, dc
denver, co
centennial, co
toronto, ontario, canada
5 jobs i have had:
credit analyst
mtc teacher
secretary at byu
event planner
5 things people don't know about me:
*i would rather speak or sing in public than play the piano. it terrifies me, even just playing the hymns. but i know the only way it will stop being so scary is if i keep practicing (which would be easier if i had access to a piano).
*i love celebrity gossip and i love to read
*i LOVE blogs and spend way too much time reading other people's blogs. but i love knowing what is going on in the lives of my friends.
*i love people and relationships. i love to make friends. i wish i could keep in better touch with all the great people i have met in the different parts of my life.
*i am a total crier in movies. i can't help it, i get so wrapped up in them, you would think i thought it was real life.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

spring, *please* come soon (and come to stay)!

i am ready for spring! we have had some crazy colorado weather lately. one of my friends described it as bipolar and that is the perfect description. on saturday it was 74 degrees and beautiful. i went running in shorts and a tank-top, we had the doors and windows open all day and we caught some major spring fever. the next morning we woke up to a snow storm and it ended up snowing about 4 inches. i busted back out the uggs, sweater and hat for church. i guess for the time being my little piece of spring will have to be the beautiful tulips on our kitchen table. dave's parents gave us some indoor tulip bulbs for valentine's day and we have loved watching them grow right before our eyes!