Sunday, January 29, 2012

emma's mobile!

emma has been on the verge of crawling for over a month. within seconds of sitting her on the floor she would get into the crawling position. finally on january 19th (for my records) she officially became a crawler! it started out slowly, but she's now going all over the place and reeking havoc on logan's life!  he does not like the fact that she can get into his toys (welcome to your new world buddy!). we keep hearing, "emma, no! that's mine." followed by her crying in protest because he just took something  away from her. he is also enforcer, telling her what she's not allowed to touch. i think we actually might have to baby proof with her (we didn't with logan) because she seems like she might get into everything. plus i better be careful what i leave down because everything goes into this little girl's mouth! so here is the story about the pictures below (the day emma started crawling). i was making dinner and had set emma down outside the kitchen with a bowl of veggie straws. shortly after, logan woke up from his nap and requested a bowl of veggie straws. he sat down on the floor next to emma to eat his straws and i warned him he better move his bowl to the other side so they would be out of emma's reach or she would eat them (she had finished her straws by this point). he moved them to the other side, but it didn't stop emma. 
she proceeded to crawl over his legs to get to them
(and rather than stop her i grabbed the camera because it was so funny)
 logan suddenly realizes what is happening
 trying to get his straws back in the bowl
(from another angle)
 he literally grabbed the straw she was eating out of her hands and put it back in his bowl while saying, "no emma, that's not yours. that's my straw."
 trying to look innocent with those big blue eyes
getting into my shoes. i have to watch her because she likes to suck on the laces of my running shoes. yuck!
life just got a bit more exciting!

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