Thursday, September 5, 2013

logan's first day of preschool

logan has been looking forward to going to school for at least 6 months. he knew he would get to go after his birthday and he could hardly wait! it was more challenging than i expected to find a preschool that had the schedule i wanted (3 days a week instead of 5) and  didn't cost a ridiculous amount (that was the kicker. i can't believe how much people pay for preschool!). logan is attending school at a methodist church and so far, we're really happy with it. it's been around for 40 years and has a great reputation in the community. logan started last week and he has been giddy every time i've picked him up! i still can't believe we have a kid in school (even if it is just preschool)!
the night before he went to school we read, "the kissing hand." it is such a sweet book. i wasn't worried one bit that he would be nervous for school, but it was a great book to read anyway.
then dave gave him a back to school father's blessing. 
he was blessed:
to have a love of learning and school throughout life
to make friends 
to have good manners
to not get upset or angry with others
to get the needed sleep before school (someone has been stalling going to bed at night)
to know his mom and dad love him and are proud of him and are glad he's in our family

emma didn't want to be left out and so she got a blessing too, since having logan gone 3 days a week is a big change for her too. 
she as blessed:
to help mommy take care of connor
to enjoy this special time with mommy
to work on her speech
all ready on the first day, lunchbox in hand!
logan goes monday and wednesday from 9am-1pm, which means he gets to have lunch at school! he was so excited for his superheroes lunch box (even though i think it's tacky and really wanted to get him a cute dinosaur one ;) and on fridays he gets done at noon. 
with mrs. maggie his teacher
 he was so excited to start playing that this was the best picture i could get of him!
today in the mail logan got a letter from mrs. maggie! i think it is so sweet! 
it's going to be a great year!