Friday, January 13, 2012

grandpa gg's 75th birthday!

on tuesday night we got to celebrate grandpa gg's 75th birthday! we're so lucky they were in town on the big day since they live in arizona. we celebrated with cake and looked through tons of old pictures from way back in the day. i loved seeing grandma and grandpa through the years. grandma has always been a beauty! i feel so blessed to have inherited more wonderful grandparents (2 more sets) through marriage. it was a really sweet night, especially when grandpa took a moment to share how much he loves everyone. it was so tender. i think we'll all remember that special moment. 
i was recently making my family's calendar and for the first time i had a hard time finding pictures of just dave and i from the past year. so i wanted to take a picture of us and this is how it turned out:

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