Thursday, July 30, 2009


dave and i have a weakness for ben & jerry's, but my weakness has reached a new level with the discovery of this flavor...
my sisters brought me some right after logan was born and since then i dream about it and constantly crave it. every time i go to the grocery store (or even drive past the store) i fight a major battle to not cave into my craving (which i have lost more than once). it is all i want to eat! the knowledge of what it will do to my waistline (which i'm trying to get to shrink, not expand) and our bank account (which we'd like to see expand, not shrink by buying overpriced ice cream) is what keeps me somewhat in check. i think i could go for some right now!


i am a lover of to-do lists...weird, i know. i always have at least one to-do list going and i love the feeling of accomplishment when i can actually check something off. last night i made my first to-do list since logan was born and it has been great to check a few items off. it's funny how completing a task seems like more of an accomplishment when i can check it off my list (especially when i can check most items off the list and then i feel like i have done a lot). i think i might go and lay down for a bit since logan is sleeping. maybe i should include "take a nap" on my to-do list so i can check it off when i get up!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

time with daddy

for the next 10 weeks dave will be working saturdays and so logan i headed downtown this past saturday to have lunch with him. logan left his mark on dave's office by spewing an impressive fountain of milk on the carpet (and all over my leg/shorts).
with the new work schedule dave now has mondays off (which really doesn't make a difference to me since all days seem the same right now). we decided to head up to breckenridge on monday for the day. 
we discovered some new uses for our car, like a feeding station in the front seat (thanks to the privacy of the hooter hider) and a diaper changing station in the back. this picture is of logan getting his diaper changed for the second time in 30 seconds. promptly after dave changed him he peed through his diaper and was in need of another diaper (we should have bought stock in pampers).

dave rockin' the sling at lunch 
(ps - we don't recommend fiesta jalisco. not the best food even if they claim to be real mexican food) 
so beautiful

we couldn't resist heading back to our favorite store and trying on some more hats. seriously, this never gets old for us (as supported by the numerous pictures posted on our blog of us in a crazy hats)
since this post is about time with daddy i had to post a few more pictures of logan with his dad. these two are buds already and i love watching them together!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

logan's first bath

we went to a birthday party on friday night and decided to get logan all clean and spiffed up for his public debut. apparently he didn't like his first bath at home any more than he liked his first bath in the hospital. he cried and cried and you would have thought we were the worst parents in the world for subjecting him to such torture. 

he looks like he is putting up his fists in protest. 
he could also be mad because he had just peed all over himself. it took dave and i by surprise and so i think our reaction time was a little delayed to get him covered up (at least so he wasn't peeing directly in his face)

even when he is crying i still think he is soo cute

a moment of peace

he survived!
all bundled up. i love the hooded towel. thanks jessica! 

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


last night my friend anna brought us dinner and delicious mint brownies for dessert (if you are familiar with the byu mint brownies, that is what they reminded me of). she brought 2 big pieces, one for dave and one for me. i didn't waste any time eating my brownie, but dave must have been exercising some self control. but it didn't really pay off for him because last night in the middle of the night while i was up with logan i decided to just have a bite of his brownie. but as often happens, one bite turned into many bites and before i knew it dave's brownie was gone. whoops! sorry babe! you snooze you lose.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

first family photo

there was a 24 hour period of time when my whole family was all in town and so we decided to pull together a last minute family photo. here is the whole crew including the newest member, logan! the 2 miracles of the picture below: 1. all the kids are looking at the camera at the same time 2. i actually did my hair!

all 11 grandkids. although this picture will only be current for 2 months until baby girl todd makes her debut

our first family photo. not the most flattering, but what can you do at 5 days post partum

Sunday, July 19, 2009

logan peter wessler

logan peter wessler
 arrived monday, july 13, 2009
at 5:51 pm
7 pounds 5 ounces 21 1/4 inches
arriving at our labor room sunday evening to start the induction process. they gave me something that night to try and prepare/encourage my body for labor. they also gave me some medicine to help me sleep in preparation for the big day.

we couldn't resist taking a picture in the sexy gown...with a sexy 9 month pregnant body (yea right)!

after having some minor contractions throughout the night they kicked them into high gear in the morning with some pitocin. i labored through some pretty tough contractions until i got my epidural. let me just say, it was HEAVEN! i am all about the drugs! dave entertained me throughout the day, including rolling around the room "dancing" on a rolling chair.

i pushed for about an hour and 45 minutes before greeting our little guy. 
our first picture. neither of us are really looking our best, but let's be honest, being born isn't easy! talk about a miracle!
7 pounds 5 ounces. we had actually thought he would be in the 6 pound range but he surprised us
proud dad
i just have to brag that dave is THE BEST dad. he has mastered diaper changes (score for me), is amazing at swaddling logan like a little burrito and couldn't be more loving. i knew he would be, but it sure is fun to see it all in action.
logan's first set of headphones!


heading home. our first family picture.

there has been no shortage of love for logan

meeting half of his cousins

wessler and todd family love
  4 generation of wessler men
we finally had a breakthrough with feeding yesterday which has made a world of difference. we are all much happier and less discouraged! 

we could definitely use a little more of this though...
we are so in love and can hardly believe it has been less than a week since logan's arrival. i will be better at posting. i can't believe it took me almost a week to get this up.  
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Sunday, July 12, 2009


so the baby counter on our blog says 3 days to go. i don't know what that is all about because baby wessler is late (obviously taking after his mom, not his dad). so we have been enjoying the chaos of other people's kids. 9 out of our 10 nieces and nephews are in town (and #10 comes at the end of this week) and we have been having a great time with them. yesterday we headed to 7-eleven since it was 7-11 for free slurpees. 

a lady at our doctor's office said we needed to tell our little guy his "lease" was up and it was time for him to move out. but apparently he doesn't care, so we are evicting him! we are leaving in a few minutes to head to the hospital. we can't wait to meet this little guy! we'll post an update soon!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

festive 4th!

the day started off with "zach's toy toss" in honor of zach who used to toss his toys on the roof of the house. then we headed to the memorial of a local guy who went to dave's high school and was killed while serving in afghanistan.

then we wandered around the cherry creek arts festival. the culinary students from dave's school had a booth where they were demonstrating an ice carving. it was pretty amazing to see the student carve a beautiful swan using a chain saw! we also managed to swing by "the wizard's chest" and try on some wigs and masks. we have so much fun in that store! 

then after a nice afternoon nap we met up with kari, sterling and jeff for fireworks in the park. luckily there was no rain in the evening, although it was pretty chilly. we jammed out to a local band while we waited for it to get dark and dave and sterling found the kid's craft tent and made some hats. they were pretty proud of themselves and their hats. kari doesn't look so sure about it all!

i feel blessed to live in such a great country and for the sacrifices of those past and present that make freedom possible.