Monday, January 2, 2012

christmas eve with the wesslers

this year we celebrated christmas eve with the wesslers and it was absolutely wonderful! some things i want to remember about this christmas eve:
  • we visited grandma lorrie at the rehab center where she is currently staying. it was really special to be there with her. she gave each of the kids a special christmas book where she had recorded her voice reading the story to them, along with a special message for them. it will be a treasure for each of them long after she is gone.
  • pete smoked the most incredible pork loin for dinner. i could have eaten it all night, but there was so much other good food (and treats) that i had to exercise a little restraint so i had room for everything else.
  • pete and kathy spoiled the kids. i guess that is a given though.
  • each of the kids' presents were wrapped in their own special wrapping paper. i think that is a fun thing that kathy does (and the presents are always wrapped beautifully) 
  • emma looked so cute in her santa hat and jacket. it is [part] of the same santa suit logan wore his first christmas
  • emma resting her feet on the table as we ate
  • logan, dave and pete flying pete's remote control helicopter around 
  • checking out some christmas lights on our drive home
  • logan putting out milk and cookies for santa for the first time
  • receiving the last piece, baby jesus, to our little people nativity set. someone did the 12 days of christmas to us this year and gave a piece of the nativity each night. i think i was as excited about it as logan was (actually, probably more excited). i couldn't wait to see what piece we would get next. it was neat to read the scripture they included each night and focus on the birth of our savior.
  • finishing our christmas book advent. i loved reading a christmas book every night during december.
while not fun, still worth remembering:
  • logan was a little under the weather, so he was a little "off" for our christmas celebrations
  • logan having an absolute melt down when we got home and it was time for bed (i can't remember him ever having such a bad one. he was inconsolable). i think it took us about a half hour to calm him down.
and now for the pictures ( a lot of them):


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