Thursday, March 31, 2011

here's to another night of sleep

every night i lay in bed wondering if there will be any "action" during the middle night. and every morning i wake up, still pregnant. last night as i lay in bed i wondered if baby girl would come during the night and then in an effort to see the bright side of things (and not feel too disappointed in the morning when she still hadn't arrived) i thought about the fact that i would be able to sleep through the night (with a couple bathroom breaks thrown in there) if she didn't come. and i really like sleeping through the night and know those nights are limited (yikes, can i do it again?!), so that is the bright side for every day she doesn't come. one more night of sleep (i've got to focus on something positive because i am too excited and too anxious to meet this little lady and NOTHING is happening so far).

Sunday, March 27, 2011

sesame street favorites

watching elmo videos on youtube is our saturday morning tradition. we bring logan into bed with us, watch video after video and logan is in heaven (and if dave and i are lucky we catch a few extra minutes of sleep). here is dave's favorite (he knows all the words). my favorite video is a separate post because i can't figure out how to post both videos to the same post :(

"african alphabet"

my favorite sesame street video's song "what i am"
(logan likes to pretend he is playing the drums when he watches this video)

Friday, March 25, 2011

maybe it's time for a nap

after a snack of course

remembering to slow down

i love the feeling of accomplishing something and checking it off of my list. some days i think the drive to get things done causes me to miss some sweet moments with logan. this morning instead of going to the gym (or getting other things done) i decided to slow down and just cuddle logan, something that he usually doesn't allow for more than 5 seconds. but this morning he let me cuddle him, sing to him and rock him to sleep for about 40 minutes. it was so wonderful! i thought about how things for him (and me) are going to change soon and i was so grateful for that moment. it also reminded me of the talk president uchtdorf gave last conference, "of things that matter most." he said, "my dear brothers and sisters, we would do well to slow down a little, proceed at the optimum speed for our circumstances, focus on the significant, lift up our eyes, and truly see the things that matter most." i was grateful for the reminder this morning of what matters most.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

family outing to the aquarium

logan loves fish and we've been wanting to take him to the aquarium for awhile. this past saturday we finally went and we were not was a hit with logan
(good thing too, because while his admission was free it was expensive for dave and i to get in).

logan loved running from tank to tank and pointing out the fish, turtles and sharks.

both blurry pictures, but i like them so i'm posting them anyway

the sign of a successful outing...logan was totally worn out!

sidenote: the aquarium is a special place for dave and i because it is where we went on our first date almost 5 years ago, where dave took me the night he made me think he was going to propose (he tricked me and did it another night) and where we celebrated our first valentine's day as a married couple. it was fun to come back with our kiddo and have him love it too!

st. patty's day

we actually did most of our celebrating the saturday before st. patrick's day (unless you count our traditional dinner of green pancakes and green "orange" julius on the actual day). apparently denver has one of the top 10 st. patrick's day parades in the nation and we headed down to see it. to be more specific, logan and i went to watch and dave actually got to be in it!

his co-worker hooked him up with a snow trooper costume (from "the empire strikes back") and he got to march in the parade with a bunch of other "star wars" characters.
he totally got to geek out and *loved* it!

we had some friends that were nice enough to save us a spot. we were totally unprepared for how chilly it would be in the shade. we'll know better for next year!

logan loved the parade (don't let the picture fool you). he was in heaven pointing out all the cars, trucks, drums, dogs and horses.
we almost missed getting a picture with dave. when his group passed by i was frantically searching for him, but couldn't tell which one he was.
luckily he spotted us (even though he had no idea where along the 2.5 mile route we were standing).

we had so much fun, i think it will have to be a tradition to attend (and i think dave hopes it can be a tradition for him to be in it)!

Monday, March 21, 2011

37 weeks - thoughts on being "full term"

  • it's funny how 3 more weeks can seem so quick and so long at the same time.
  • the last week or so when i have "needed" a treat i have resorted to an old standby (maybe from college days, i'm not sure)...a spoon of peanut butter with chocolate chips! it always hits the spot (although dave hates my peanut butter breath).
  • i celebrated my "full term" status by getting a pedicure and manicure (thanks wesslers and bremners for the birthday present). i could have someone rub my feet all day long (hint, hint dave)!
  • this little girl must be camped right on top of my bladder because i ALWAYS feel like i need to go to the bathroom and like clockwork i wake up at 2:30 am every morning for a bathroom break.
  • apparently i am waddling. dave informed me of this lovely fact on saturday.
  • i feel like this little girl is going to arrive before her due date. i know it's dangerous to think such a thing, but that's my gut feeling (probably because we're not ready for her, so of course she'll come early). i should probably pack my hospital bag if i think that, eh?!
  • i was just sorting through baby clothes and put in a load of laundry full of tiny onesies, little dresses and lots of pink! i can't wait to dress a girl!
  • i am so excited for this little girl to come, but at the same time i know things are going to change and it's a little bittersweet. i am starting to feel a little emotional when i think that my special one-on-one time i've had with logan is coming to an end. i know things will only get better as our family grows, but at the same time i feel a little sad about it too (i'm really not doing a good job articulating these feelings). i remember feeling some of the same bittersweet feelings right before logan was born, when i realized that it wasn't going to be just dave and i anymore and things would never be the same again. but of course life has just become sweeter and more full with the addition of logan and i know it will be the same again with this little girl. even so, in the meantime i am trying to really soak up my time with my boys.

birthday fun

happy belated birthday grandma lorrie!
we had a great time celebrating with you
(and stuffing ourselves full of yummy food at cafe luxe)!

(a snuggle from logan is always photo worthy)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

baby shower

a couple of weeks ago my sweet friends anna and mindy threw me a wonderful baby shower. the night was full of yummy food (chocolate fondue...i could go for some right now), great friends and family and super cute (and generous) gifts. now that it's over i realize that i didn't even get a picture with the 2 sweet hostesses who made the whole thing happen. i guess i was too busy visiting and eating (no surprise there). i got some of the cutest presents...and soo much pink! it just makes me giddy. now we just need the baby girl (although there is still so much to do i'm not feeling too rushed).

Thursday, March 17, 2011

this must be what heaven is like for a 20 month old

(at least a 20 month old named logan)
a trampoline full of balls
(logan is a huge fan of jumping on the tramp and any kind of ball)
a room full of balloons

logan got to enjoy a little piece of heaven thanks to his cousin myles' 7th birthday party!
also making a (surprise) appearance at myles' party...
a snow trooper, as seen in the star wars movie, "the empire strikes back" (more to come on the costume)

he was a big hit with the boys, although logan kept his distance and kept saying "scary." he didn't want anything to do with the "snow trooper" (aka dave) until the costume was completely off.

turban twins

dave and i have had harry potter on the mind. we recently finished reading book 7 and it was a bittersweet moment for us. sweet to finally reach the last book and see how it all ended after almost 4 months of reading. and bitter because it was over. we looked forward to reading together every night. a couple of days after we finished dave said he wanted to start the books over again. a tempting thought. we also managed to catch part 1 of movie 7 in the cheap theaters before it was gone. we almost missed it (by days) which would have been a tragedy.
so with harry potter on the mind, when dave gave logan a little purple turban recently i immediately thought of...
professor quirrell
of course we think logan is much cuter, pulls off the turban with a little more flair and luckily isn't hiding "he-who-must-not-be-named" underneath it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

one month

i am due one month from today!
yikes...and yea!
i am currently 2 cm dilated and 70% effaced.
i know that doesn't necessarily mean she's coming any time soon,
but it is more progressed than i was with logan when i was 3 days overdue so i'll take it!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

melts my heart

i took logan and his friend finn to the zoo. i heard logan saying "hands" and turned around to see this.he will still randomly say "finn" and "hands" together and smile. i think it really made him happy to hold hands with finn!
in case you're wondering, logan is not still in a rear facing carseat. i just didn't have 2 big car seats to get us to the zoo so we improvised!

logan has never been very cuddly or affectionate. but as he has gotten older he has become a little more affectionate (we take every little bit we can). this particular morning logan asked for me to get "bear" out of his bed and he walked around giving him a hug. it's a start. his hugs have recently extended from bear to his dad. if logan is awake when dave leaves for work he will walk dave to the door, say "hug" and allow dave to hug him (he doesn't quite get how to wrap his arms around and give a hug quite yet) and then will say "kiss" and give dave a kiss (or let dave kiss him).
logan wasn't feeling well and i got a rare 5-10 minutes of snuggling (that was a sure sign he wasn't feeling well. otherwise he is usually too busy running around to snuggle). i must say i was in heaven (even though i was sad he wasn't feeling well).