Monday, May 23, 2011

it's never too early to start teaching your children about star wars

dave has introduced logan to star wars and logan loves it! they watch "star wars: the clone wars" (a cartoon) together and logan gets soo excited (they are watching it as i type this post)! if you ask him what he sees on star wars he will tell you "droids, robots, spaceships, light saber and yoda." it is a dream come true for dave! it reminds me of this "psa" dave showed me awhile ago. it is hilarious!

logan: 22 months

runs everywhere
loves to jump and hop/gallop in circles
loves to dance. he is good at moving his hips and shoulders
still loves to look at our picture screen saver on the computer. this can keep him occupied for quite a while (like when i'm in the shower)
loves to watch movies (cars, finding nemo and kung fu panda), thomas the train and elmo you tube videos (although he doesn't get to watch them much because once he watches one he whines constantly for more)
loves fruit and carrots (and french fries and candy)!
right now everything is "BIG" to logan. every strawberry, ball, stick etc. is a "BIG one"
his favorite things include cars, trucks, trains, dinosaurs and balls (what a boy!)
he can sing a lot of "twinkle, twinkle little star," "i am a child of god," "i love to see the temple," "the itsy bitsy spider" and all of the alphabet song
he can say the entire alphabet and count to 15
his favorite colors seems to be green. when asked what color something is, the answer is always green (i think orange is his second favorite)
he loves to give "knucks" and high fives
he always wants to know where people are. we often hear logan screaming, "daddy? mommy?" when we're out of sight
he loves to be outside and is constantly asking to go outside (regardless of the weather). getting him to come inside is always a difficult task.
he loves basketball (and when his pappy lifts him up to shoot baskets)
watching "star wars clone wars" with his daddy
he loves to read books. all. day. long.
he can unlock my iPhone and find his favorite apps. it is crazy to watch him do it with such ease (i apologize if he accidentally calls you)
is still an amazing sleeper. he'll sometimes even still take 2 naps which rocks!
he loves emma! he always needs to know where she is, kisses her, "talks" to her, sometimes lays "on" her when she's in her bouncy seat, puts her binky in when she spits it out (and then pulls it out sometimes too)
he loves to play with other kids. all kids are referred to as "friends"
he is putting together more and more words. he talks so much and can express himself pretty clearly.
what we hear a lot:
"oh no"
"oh man"
"bless you" (when someone sneezes)
"do it"
"come on guys"

logan seems like such a big boy now. i am amazed at how much he knows, remembers and understands. he is seriously a sponge. he has such a fun and sweet personality. he brings so much joy and fun into our home. i am so lucky to be his mom!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Emma: 1 Month

i'm behind because emma is actually 6 weeks today. how in the world did that happen?!

emma is a loud for such a little thing! she's a loud breather, has started to "snort" a little bit and does those baby squeaks and grunts.
she's very expressive and makes lots of funny faces (just like her dad and brother)
she is such a wiggle worm. i can't cover her with a blanket in bed because she wiggles down until it is covering her head.
she loves to snuggle and we love it!
she sleeps swaddled.
her face gets bright red when she cries really hard. she looks like a little tomato!
she has big dark blue eyes. we love them and hope they stay.
she's gassy (and smelly)!
she loves to be held. all. the. time. not the easiest thing when she has a 22 month old brother who needs to be taken care of too. she's had to learn to sit in her bouncer sometimes and just cry since i can't always hold her. she's gotten better over the last month about being put down and not fussing which is nice since it's sad to hear her cry.
she loves her binky. i'm not the biggest fan of least not at night when she's trying to go to sleep. she wakes herself up when it falls out and we're only willing to go put it back in so many times. so last night we just didn't give it to her when we put her down to sleep and it went just fine. no more binky at night!
she fights going to bed at night. she wants to stay up and play! but she is getting good at crying herself to sleep and she goes for longer stretches in between feedings during the night (thank you emma). i usually only have to wake up once in the middle of the night (and then once again in the early morning).
she's strong. she likes to stand herself up when you hold her and she's pretty good at holding up her head.
she loves to hold onto our fingers.
rubbing the bridge of her nose calms her down almost instantly (dave's discovery during his long night with her at the hospital).
she's already got her daddy wrapped around her finger (honestly, she's got all of us just smitten with her)!

it seemed only appropriate to post the 1 month picture where she is spitting up. this girl can power puke! we're never far from a burp cloth!

the bear logan gave emma when he first came to meet her in the hospital

Thursday, May 19, 2011

great grandparents

emma is lucky enough to have already met some of her great grandparents. when grandma and grandpa gg found out emma was back in the hospital, they hopped in the car and drove up from arizona (they were in new mexico before we even knew they were coming). we are so blessed by their love and support.

grandma lorrie was sweet enough to let us drop by earlier this week. she got a lot of good snuggle time with emma and logan kept us entertained (and kept me on my toes. he kept getting into everything). we're lucky to have her so close by and need to get over to see her more often.

we love you all!
(grandma lorrie and grandma gg are a couple of this blogs most faithful readers. whenever i have been slacking and not posting frequently enough, i think of them and know i need to get my act together)

it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

logan wore a cute little cardigan to church on sunday. dave said he looked like a mini mr. rogers. he's so handsome (logan, not mr. rogers)!

this is how he reacted when i pulled out the camera to take a picture of him
(obviously it was time for a nap)

i tried to calm him down with a cup of milk.
he gave me his "mad face"

then his "surprised face"

and finally a smile (of sorts)


last weekend dave and i had our first sushi experience. i think we were both a little apprehensive about it. we went with our friends nina and alan who are "experienced" with sushi and they recommended some good rolls and it was a success! we were both fans of the mango roll, although everything was really good!

trying yellowtail...the raw stuff! it was actually good. dave is sensitive to texture and even he got some down!

you won't find us at sushi every weekend (it's definitely not in the budget), but we'll definitely go again.

riding in style

i finally got a double stroller (thanks to my father-in-law alerting me to a sweet deal on craigslist) and i love it! going out with 2 kids just got infinitely more manageable.

in case you're wondering, emma is laying down under logan's seat (you can see her pink blanket peeking out under logan's feet).

swaddle fail

this was not a successful swaddle

tummy time

this is how emma feels about tummy time

good thing her brother is there to support her


a couple of weeks ago my friend mindy and i went to see daughtry in concert. an annual event i used to work on was being held in denver and daughtry was one of the entertainers at the event. i love concerts and it was a fun night out (plus you can't beat a free concert). i'm bummed that the 2 pictures of mindy and i somehow got deleted off my camera. i guess it's ok though because if i remember correctly, they weren't very cute pictures of me :)

a few observations from the concert:
chris daughtry's pants were ridiculously tight. we thought his cutoff t-shirt/sleeveless shirt was funny (we just think guys in sleeveless shirts are funny). but he was sweating like crazy so i'm sure he liked the extra ventilation and he probably also wanted to show off the massive tattoos on both of his arms (i can't imagine you get tattoos like that just to cover them up). the guy in front of us videoed the entire concert on some little handheld device and he had quite the steady hand. he also knew every word to every song (and so did the old guy next to him). i, on the other hand, knew fewer words than i thought i did going into the concert. with that said, i like a lot of daughtry's music. it was a really fun night!

after the concert i got to catch up with a bunch of people i used to work with. it was fun to hear them talk about the event and be reminded of everything that goes into it...the excitement, the stress, the little "fires" you have to put out as they pop up and the adrenaline rush of pulling off a successful event. i can honestly say it was the first time in the almost 2 years since i quit that i missed my old job even just a little bit. but definitely not enough to leave my kiddos and go back. i much prefer my new "job" :) it's fun to visit though!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the little things i've liked about yesterday and today

going to the zoo with friends.
my new (to me) stroller that made the zoo trip with 2 kiddos much easier.
getting an afternoon nap
attending the temple with my young women's presidency. they are amazing and there was something so special about being in the temple with them.
running into my sister at the temple (she was visiting the grounds on a date with her 7 year old. isn't that cute?!)
going to the temple seeking inspiration for our young women and feeling like we received some impressions. revelation is amazing!
going to yogurtland after the temple and just sitting and chatting (i love those girls). i got the biggest cup of yogurt out of the four of us and i loved every bite of it!
logan getting his haircut. he looks so handsome.
getting to see kari, my sister-in-law, since she is the talented lady that cuts logan's hair.
shopping at downeast basics (yea for there being one in colorado now) and actually finding something i liked (my attempt at shopping this past weekend ended with no clothes and discouragement). plus i had a coupon. score!
a surprise visit from my friend maegan. she has a brand new cutie named jack that was born the same week as emma. it was fun to meet the little dude and catch up with her.
the yummy cupcake i just ate
emma looking up at me right now with her big eyes

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

gardening with gammy

digging in the dirt and making mud pies. what could be better?!