Tuesday, August 24, 2010

logan these days

i found these random pictures that dave took. they make me happy.

especially this one. it actually makes me laugh real hard.

i can't get enough of this kid (which is good since we spend all day, everyday together). i still find myself peeking in to watch him sleep and i love to watch him play when he doesn't know i'm watching. he still loves books and all kinds of fruit. about a month and a half ago he decided he was done being fed by someone else and wanted to do it himself. it's actually quite nice (minus all the food under his high chair when he's done. mainly because we have carpet in our eating area. lame. rice can really get stuck in carpet). he can stand on his own, but has yet to take any steps. but man can he crawl fast. he has finally figured out how to open our cupboards . dave discovered him in the bathroom eating a bar a soap from under the sink. clearly we need to get some baby proof latches. he loves to shut doors and throw toys and balls into bins and boxes. he says hi and i think it is the cutest. especially when he comes into a room, looks up at me and says, "hi!" we have discovered he bruises easily and quickly. at least on his face. sad. he knows how to go up stairs but not down (hence the bruises). he now empties his crib of everything if he is protesting going to sleep or after he wakes up. this consists of his constellation turtle, watson his glo worm and his lovey (blankie). he's got a pretty good arm and can chuck them pretty far. he babbles constantly. i love it! he calls me mom a lot now in addition to mama. he loves to bounce on beds, cushions and pillows. he loves to dance to music. he is so cute shaking his little bum. he LOVES milk and is always asking for his ba-ba. he notices water wherever we go. sprinklers, swimming pools, water bottles. he always says wa-wa when he sees water. he loves leaves on trees. kinda strange but they make him happy. especially when they are blowing in the wind. he has figured out pointing and loves to point at things. he knows where his nose is and still loves to stick out his tongue. he loves to be with other kids, even if they are not playing directly with him. he gets super sensitive when he is tired. a bonk that he would usually not notice sends him into tears if he is tired. he loves to play with cars and makes the "vroom" noise (at least his version of it) when he "drives" them. we think he is the cutest! we're definitely keeping him!

welcome home

greeters don't get any cuter

logan's future wife

it's already been arranged (technically even before their births).
he seems pretty psyched about it!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

todd family reunion: out and about

as i mentioned in my last post, my mom is an incredible planner and she had an outing planned everyday. the kids definitely didn't ever get bored. i just noticed i look pretty trashy in all these pictures. apparently were were so busy having fun i never had time to get ready :)

an indoor trampoline place. it was awesome and i can't wait to go back with dave so we can play around!

logan was too little for the trampolines (he would have gotten trampled by the big kids) so we hung out in the toddler area and he had a great time.
plus we did manage to bounce on a tramp for a minute and he loved it!

time at the park
logan loved the slide! i would say "ready, set, go" and by the time i got to "go" he would be leaning forward, trying to slide down.

pirates cove and the rawlings' neighborhood pool
it was my first time at pirates cove (a little water park) and i loved it! logan is a total water baby and loved crawling around in the water and going on the lazy river.

lexi got her ears pierced!
she had a full entourage including her mom and 3 aunts. we were quite the sight. she was brave and looks beautiful with her new earrings!

hiking devil's head
i carried logan in the kelty backpack and i must say, i enjoy hiking more when dave carries the pack (and i carry the camelbak) :)! but since dave wasn't there i stepped up to the challenge and it really wasn't too bad. i just had to remember logan was there so he didn't get smacked with a tree branch or something! mark was nice enough to carry logan up to the top of the fire tower though (i was too nervous to carry him up and down all the stairs). the kids were amazing hikers, even though we got caught in a major thunderstorm (nothing like hiking in lightning with a metal pack on your back surrounded by tall trees)!
(click collage to enlarge)

the international culinary school at the art institute of colorado aka dave's work
we all went down to visit dave at work and tour the culinary school. i think the culinary students were a little smitten by 11 cute kids watching them cook and brought out some fresh baked bread and brownies. the kids thought it was so cool. we had lunch out front where the kids enjoyed the fountain.

and then it was off to...
the children's museum!
it was our first time taking logan (we wish we would have taken him 1 week earlier before he was 1 year old when he was free. it's was still worth the $6 though). he (and we) had so much fun! plus dave got to come which was a major bonus! we can't wait to go back!
(click collage to enlarge)
other fun outings (without pictures) included a trip to the dollar store where each kid had a dollar and could pick out a toy, walking to the ice cream store, playing wii, a cousins sleepover and a temple trip and night at the movies (for the adults).

good thing for lots of pictures and great memories to last me until the next todd family reunion. i already can't wait!
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

todd family reunion: hanging out at nana and papa's

for the last month the pictures from our todd family reunion have been hanging over my head, just waiting to be blogged. and while i know there are more pictures than anyone else would care to see, i wanted to document this fantastic week with my family. i loved having them all here so much and it was sad when they eventually left (although i needed a week to rest up after all we did). we had so much fun and it was non-stop playing (and usually non-stop chaos). my mom is an amazing planner and had multiple activities, games and outings planned for everyday (there was an actual spreadsheet detailing who was in charge of dinner, the outing, the game and the craft for the day). in an attempt to make posting a little more manageable, here are just some of the fun things we did while hanging out at my parent's house:

lego creations
the boys built the most incredible things

crafts and eating
always lots of eating!

playing with uncle dave when we were lucky enough to have him around. dang work always gets in the way of fun.

playing in the sandbox
in "hot chocolate" as the kids affectionately called the soupy sand mixture after they dumped tons of water into the box.
logan couldn't decide what he thought of "hot chocolate" (especially how it tasted).

playing in the backyard
sometimes with toys and sometimes eating rocks (he has a guilty look on his face. probably because i had told him not to eat rocks before and he knew he just got caught).

bath time with cousin ava

playing the candy bar game with nana

sno cones
the kids loved my old sno cone machine from way back in the day.

rocket balloons
these balloons were totally cool. once they were blown up you let go of them and they "zoomed" around the yard like a torpedo while they deflated. they provided a good 15-20 minutes of fun!


lots of popsicles

lots of family time

logan was loved on by all his cousins. every once in awhile the love got to be a bit much, but overall logan loved getting to know his cousins better and they sure loved him.

rolling down the hill in the backyard (a favorite from my childhood)

family talent show including:
singing (with a guitar and a capella), playing the piano, the macarena, hula hooping, dancing, soccer tricks, first steps
(unfortunately not logan. his cousin ava is showing him up. she's 6 weeks younger)

car wash
there were some cars that drove a long way to get to colorado and they were mighty dirty.
we just drove across town, but our car rex was lucky enough to get a nice scrub down too!
next up: outings around town!
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