Saturday, November 27, 2010

we'll see if this works

i saw on a blog about a deal shutterfly is giving to bloggers - 50 free christmas cards. it sounded good to me! but when i went to find out more information, i saw that the offer was extended in january of 2008! so we'll see if it still works.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

toddler time

even though age-wise logan has been a "toddler" for months now, as long as he was crawling he still seemed like a baby to me (and i was holding onto my baby as long as i could). but almost 3 weeks ago (november 4) he decided he was ready to walk and he's been cruising around ever since (i just realized i haven't taken any pictures of him walking). he looks so cute waddling around. he's trying to pick up speed and run now and he falls quite a bit (which i have to admit is really funny to watch sometimes). so it seemed almost overnight that my baby turned into a toddler. the other thing that made it clear he is growing up (too fast) is he got his first haircut (november 15). his hair was getting a little longer in the back but his little curls were so cute that we couldn't bear to cut them. until one day we were looking at him and he didn't have cute curls anymore, he had a mullet (and as cute as he is, even he can't pull off a mullet).
the before

so the next day aunt kari came over to give him his first haircut. he sat on my lap, enjoyed a dum dum and was a total rock star!

don't you just want to kiss that little face?! (pardon my big boobs and chubby belly that also made a cameo in the picture)

the after
and a shot with his professional stylist (i'm glad i didn't have to cut his hair:)

no more curls (sniff), but he sure looks handsome! it's actually grown so much over the last week i think we might need to cut a little more off!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

pretty in pink

we can't wait for things to get a little more "pink" around our house! 2 weeks ago dave wrote on facebook, "i'm thinking pink...i need a little princess in the home, steph needs a little girl to dress up and logan needs a sister to keep him humble." i couldn't agree more. and for the last month when we'd ask logan if he was having a brother or sister and he would say "sisser." we are so excited! and i just had to wear the same shirt for this ultrasound that i wore for logan's 20 week ultrasound (i'm a nerd like that, plus there's something "magic" about 20 weeks where i have to bust out the maternity clothes, so why not?!).

logan and daddy

logan is crazy about his dad. he squeals with delight the moment dave comes home from work and within seconds dave is on the floor and they are chasing each other around the house. i think watching them together is one of my favorite things. i don't blame logan for loving his dad so much, he's the best! and let's be honest, he is way more fun than i am.

for example, during a recent bath dave showed logan how to blow bubbles in the water. logan was giggling like crazy (so much that i heard it in the kitchen and had to check what it was all about) and it is now one of his favorite things to do in the bath.

and some crazy hair bath pictures for kicks

and one i captured after church about a month ago.
i sure love my boys!

Monday, November 22, 2010

today was a good day

definitely better than your average monday; although let's be honest, the days of the week often feel the same to me (just my different classes at the gym distinguish them). but today was full of family and i loved every minute of it. i got to: stop by and see my sister-in-law, kari (i hope everyone is lucky enough to have a sister-in-law like her), visit grandparents (they got to see logan walk for the first time and grandma lorrie reminded me i haven't posted for awhile), celebrate my sister's birthday with she and my mom over lunch, talking (of course, we're todd women) and browsing through totally cute (and expensive) home decor shops and ended the day with pizza at my parent's house and seeing the power of the priesthood in action as my mom received a blessing before her surgery tomorrow. i happened to snap a picture of my mom reading to logan. he is totally obsessed with books these days and i can't read him enough (he is always begging for more). my mom loves reading books to her grandkids so she is in heaven. it's days like today that remind me how blessed i am to live so close to so much family.

Friday, November 5, 2010

turtle power

we had a great halloween weekend (and week leading up to it). it involved 2 truck-or-treats, a halloween party, trick-or-treating to both sets of grandparents, chili and cornbread, the movie "hook" (it had been awhile since i had seen it and it did not disappoint) and handing out candy to the neighborhood kids (dave was so excited to hand out candy. you should have seen him jump up every time the doorbell rang. it was awesome!).

logan with his cousin lexi (and her friend). lexi was an arapahoe cheerleader! she was even wearing her mom's old uniform from back in the day! talk about vintage ;)

logan was a turtle. a dang cute one! the fact that he was still crawling made it even cuter (because then you could see his shell). i don't feel like any of the picture really capture his cuteness, but i'm posting a lot of "okay" ones anyway.

dave and his co-worker dressed up as another co-worker (kind of their boss, although not technically) for halloween (he's the one in the middle). funny thing, they're all named david! they even won a contest!

pumpkin time!
i thought it was great because i didn't have to clean mine out. dave did all the dirty work! logan learned how to say pumpkin that night ("punky") and has been pointing out any pumpkins he sees this week as we drive through the neighborhood. he is so dang cute!

dave got super detailed with his pumpkin's teeth. they're pretty awesome! and apparently the squirrels think they're great too. they've eaten them all off.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

family fun

we are so lucky to live close to so much family. the last couple of months have been full of all sorts of fun: logan hangs out with gammy and pappy every other wednesday while dave and i are both gone, playing at the park with nana and papa, birthday parties, cousins' soccer games, family dinners,the museum with kari and sterling etc. here's the random post where i throw all the pictures!