Monday, March 30, 2009

i need help from all you mothers out there

so over the last few weeks dave and i went and did a tour at both of the hospitals that we could possibly deliver at (st. joe's and rose for those in the denver area). i was sure that we would visit a hospital and just know that it is where we wanted to deliver (apparently i was expecting to just love one of them way more than the other). but it didn't happen and now i don't know which one to choose. after all, i have never had a baby before...i don't know what is most important. so that is where all you experienced mothers come in. tell me what was most important to you in the hospital you delivered at, likes, dislikes etc. we have heard great things from people about both hospitals, so i am sure we would be happy and have a great experience at either one. but for some reason i am stressing about making this decision and am hoping someone might say something that helps me finally decide! dave is strongly encouraging me to make up my mind (plus we need to decide sooner rather than later so we can sign up for a baby class at the right hospital). share away!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


if i had an unlimited amount of money (don't worry, i'm not holding my breath for that one) i would get at least 1 massage a month. they are heavenly. tonight i finally cashed in on my birthday present from dave, a one hour massage. i think he was questioning if i was really excited because it has almost been 2 months. but there was this part of me that wanted to hold onto it because then i could keep looking forward to it (because once it's gone, it's gone). i know it's weird logic. i must say, a one hour massage has to be the fastest one hour ever. i always swear they aren't giving me my full hour because it seems too short. i wish one hour at work would go that quick! i can't wait until my next one (whenever that may be). until then, i will count on my sweet husband to rub my back and feet (he rocks at the foot rub)! 

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

feeling green

due to schedule conflicts dave and i didn't get to have our st. patty's day dinner (i love breakfast for dinner and you can't beat green pancakes). i was totally bummed about it, so we improvised and celebrated a day late. 
a little leprechaun (mr. dave) magically turned our pancakes and "orange" julius' green and dave taught me about st. patrick.  
also, happy birthday to the relief society organization. i feel blessed to be a part of you!

Monday, March 16, 2009

weekend happiness

some things that made me happy this weekend:
  • coldstone ice cream
  • driving with windows down
  • feeling the spirit at my relief society program rehearsal
  • homemade calzones - dave has wanted them for weeks...or maybe months. but i am intimidated by making dough (although not cookie dough). i finally got my act together and they were sooo good!
  • we have a woodpecker that pecks on a metal thing on our roof (stupid woodpecker). that doesn't make me happy. it is actually really annoying. but i learned that it happens every spring because they are looking for a mate. i hope they all find one soon. so at least there is an end in sight.
  • watching "star wars." we've been watching all of them and are part way into the last one. i've seen them all before, but it's been so long ago i feel like i'm watching them for the first time (dave probably feels that way too because i ask a lot of questions). i really like them. my nephews would be so proud (as is my husband)!
  • buying maternity clothes. and getting 30% off (thanks heather)! it is the first time in my life i am excited to "grow into" clothes (usually i am trying to lose weight to "fit into" clothes). i am at the annoying in between stage where my regular shirts are not quite appropriate (totally inappropriate because of my huge boobs) and my maternity shirts are too big. 
  • cleaning my make-up brushes. no too exciting but it's been on my to-do list for awhile so it made me happy to finally get it done (because crossing things off my to-do list makes me soo happy)
  • going for a fantastic run on saturday morning. we have a great trail right by our house.
  • meeting my neighbor. although the circumstances weren't the best. let's just say the key i hid under the rock before i went running was missing by the time i got back. my neighbor came to the door in only his bathrobe (made for an awkward first meeting) but he let me use the phone, gave me a tour of his house and was totally nice.
  • getting birthday shoes (well, shoes with birthday money)
  • feeling our little guy moving like CRAZY! 
  • our ward chili cook off. i didn't win a prize but it was still so much fun!
  • getting a blue raspberry icee
  • new eye shadow 
  • sunday nap
  • a surprise package in the mail from my friend gina
  • painting my toes
  • having a new young woman move into our ward
  • going on a hospital tour of the hospital we might deliver at
  • buying green grapes for 88 cents a pound
now it's off to work to start another week. i must say i much prefer weekends :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

sugar baby

one of the strange side effects of my pregnancy is that i lost my sweet tooth. for those that know me, you realize what a big deal this is. i have a huge sweet tooth. i can eat massive amounts of treats at any time of the day without it phasing me (besides the inevitable weight gain and perhaps needing a larger pair of pants). so when sweets lost their appeal i almost didn't feel like myself. i could sit in front of a plate of cookies or a bowl of candy without being tempted (definitely not typical for me since i have zero self control). 

but the inevitable has happened. about 3 weeks ago i began to be tempted again by sugary goodness and it has steadily increased. on saturday night i couldn't get enough of the sour patch kids and swedish fish seth and megan brought over. i was unable to walk past the cute girl scouts in front of king soopers and found myself the proud owner of a red box of tagalongs. this morning by 9:15 am i had eaten the 3 girl scout cookies i had brought for lunch. and then i saw my friend jessica's blog which included a picture of donuts (thanks jess. or should i say thanks dan). suddenly all i could think about were donuts. lucky (or unlucky) for me there is a lamar's donuts conveniently located near my office. my mind was made up and it was clear where i would be spending my lunch break. in an effort to "minimize" the effect of the donut i decided to walk there (although let's be honest, i would have had to run a marathon to "minimize" the effect). i will admit that i did feel a little silly power walking back to the office with a donut bag in my hand. but once i bit into that apple fritter it didn't matter. it was totally worth it (trust me, you have to try the apple fritter. you will become a believer). if it counts for anything, i did save half of it for dave :) 

welcome back sweet tooth!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

because a tag every now and then is fun

♥ What are your middle names? Kay (me), James (Dave)
♥ How long have you been together? 2 and a half years – married for 1 and a half years.
♥ How long did you know each other before you started dating? a little over a year
♥ Who asked who out? Dave mustered up his courage and asked me out one night after fhe. it was a year after our first date that we actually started dating.
♥ Who said I love you first? Dave. It took me a little over a month to say it back. He learned to exercise some major patience while we were dating!
♥ How old are each of you? 28 (me), 27 (Dave) - we're the same age for 2 weeks. dave likes to tease me about being older
♥ Who's siblings do you see the most? We see Dave's sister Kari the most since she lives in town. We wish our other siblings lived here too.
♥ Do you have any children together? Soon enough! Our little guy is due to arrive in July!
♥ What about pets? Not yet. Dave is itching to get a dog. I am sure it will happen sooner or later.
♥ Did you go to the same schools? We went to rival high schools. Then I went to college in Utah and Dave headed to Southern Colorado for school.
♥ Are you from the same hometown? Yep! We grew up less than 10 minutes from each other. But it wasn't until we had both graduated from college and returned to Denver that we finally met.
♥ Who is the smartest? We are smart in different ways. Dave knows a lot more random facts than I do.
♥ Who is the most sensitive? Probably me. Although I did marry a sensitive guy (he probably wouldn't want me to share that, but it's a great thing)
♥ Where do you eat out most as a couple? Chili's
♥ Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple? Mexico
♥ Who has the craziest ex? Probably Dave. At least he has more options of ex's to choose from than me.
♥ Who has the worst temper? I don't know. Neither of us have a very bad temper, although I can get fired up if I feel strongly enough about something.
♥ Who does the cooking? Usually me. Although Dave does his fair share (he's a great cook). And whoever doesn't cook is on dish duty (a perk of cooking).
♥ Who is the most social? Me for sure. I love people and love being social. Dave doesn't prefer big groups (he's more of a one-on-one guy) but is a good sport about it for my sake.
♥ Who is the neat-freak? Definitely me. I can be a little OCD about certain things.
♥ Who is the most stubborn? Dave would say it's me, although that's up for debate!
♥ Who wakes up earlier? Dave is definitely the morning person
♥ Where was your first date? The Aquarium in downtown Denver for dinner and to see the exhibit. It's become a special place for us.
♥ Who has the bigger family? Me. Especially with all our nieces and nephews.
♥ Do you get flowers often? Not as much as I once did. Dave is quite the romantic and would bring me flowers all the time when we were dating. I finally had to put a restriction on it because it's expensive. Now he'll surprise me with flowers every once in awhile and I LOVE it!
♥ Who do you spend the holidays with? Both families. We have the blessing and sometimes struggle of juggling our time.
♥ Who is more jealous? Dave
♥ Who sings better? Me. Although I think Dave has some serious potential. He just doesn't think so. He did sing me a country love song one Valentine's day (while playing the guitar) and I thought it was the greatest thing!
♥Who does the laundry? Mostly me, but he does it too sometimes.
♥Who’s better with the computer? Dave
♥Who drives when you are together? Dave. I think it's the man's job. I have probably only driven a handful of times since we have been together (if we're driving together).
♥ Who picks where you go to dinner? We are both pretty indecisive when it comes to picking a place for dinner. We need the iPhone/iTouch app when you shake it and it chooses a place for you.
♥ Who is the first one to admit when they’re wrong? Probably me.
♥ Who named your pet? No pets yet. But I am sure when the time comes Dave will be the one to name it. He just named our new car and did a great job!
♥ Who wears the pants in the relationship? I have no idea. I'm definitely more vocal, but I don't think that necessarily means I'm in charge...just louder!
♥ Who eats more sweets? Definitely me. There's no competition!
♥ Who cries more? Me for sure. It doesn't take much to get me to tear up (and not just when I'm pregnant)
♥ Are you still together? For eternity!