Friday, January 13, 2012

baby debut (shower)

my friend arianne and i thew a little debut party for allison and her sweet little girl, lauren. it was so fun and i was reminded again how fun hosting stuff is! arianne was in charge of the food (with the help of a few others) and it was all delicious. it's a good thing i didn't eat dinner that night because i ate my fill!
allison, the new mama and arianne. 
it was fun to have the baby we were celebrating at the shower, but somehow i failed to get a picture of lauren! whoops! let's be honest, i was probably too busy eating or talking (most likely both, although hopefully not at the same time). she is darling and tiny! showers in our ward are fairly low-key, but i love them because we spend hours talking (i think all our husbands have learned not to expect us home before 10pm). these girls are all so amazing and i learn so much from them about motherhood and so much else!
anna, nina and laura
wendie and jessica
grady and baby brighton
i gifted allison some sweet baby "treats!" people are so creative and i am grateful for the internet (specifically blogs and pinterest) so i can copy their great ideas. i had so much fun making washcloth lollipops (with baby spoons as the stick) again! but i also branched out and made sock candies (my adaptation of the washcloth lollipop) and onesie and receiving blanket cupcakes! i have to say they all turned out so cute and were really fun to give as a gift )a lot more fun than just throwing them in a gift bag)! 

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