Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving Time

after a loving rebuke from my sister-in-law erin, i am back from my blogging sabbatical! we got a jump start on a fun thanksgiving the night before with a visit from my friend andrea and her sister carmel. they stayed with us for the night on their way to washington dc and are officially our first house guests (or apartment guests if you want to get technical). it was so fun to visit and i had to make sure i didn't keep andrea up too late talking since she had a full day of driving the next day...and the next day. after a delicious breakfast cooked by dave on thanksgiving morning, they were on their way to kansas city and i was on my way to "boot camp" at the gym. it was an hour and a half long class and was KILLER! but i sure felt good about eating lots of good food at my parents house later in the afternoon.

we had a great afternoon with my parents, great food and a great thanksgiving message from my mom reminding us what this great holiday is all about. thanks mom and dad for a a wonderful day!

following dinner we headed to dave's parent's house for some more good food...dessert! we enjoyed some delicious pie and great company hanging out with them. thanks pete and kathy for saving us some pie (we've enjoyed the leftovers this week) and for a fun night.

our first thanksgiving! we're so grateful we could spend it with our wonderful families...well, part of our families. we missed the rest of you guys and wish we could have all been together.

sealing a great day with a kiss...and a little laughter!
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Sunday, November 4, 2007

our "spooktacular" evening

our friends evan and hilary (the cop and the jail bird) threw a fun halloween party that we went to wednesday night. i went as an angel and dave went as a vampire (he had fangs that actually molded to his teeth. they were pretty real looking). we also saw our friends megan and seth jenson there.

the wesslers and jensons

i should watch my back a little more carefully. dave loves halloween. i just think he likes an excuse to wear his long black coat, fangs and "guy-liner" (and the chance to go around biting people).

the halloween fun never ends! i came out of the shower one morning to find this little "angel" eating his breakfast.
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just because it's tuesday!

tuesday night i had to work late and when i got home dave had made dinner and had bought me these beautiful flowers "just because it was tuesday." he is so sweet and thoughtful! we have been married for 3 months today and it has been fantastic. i can't believe how fast the time has gone. good thing we've got eternity together!

bc #17: back together again!!

a few weeks ago i got together with 6 of my best girlfriends from college for a reunion in utah. it had been planned for months and months and miraculously all 7 of us were able to make it. we came from all over the country...new hampshire, michigan, colorado, utah and arizona. christine, megan, anna, gina and i met our freshmen year in the dorms at chipman hall and we were lucky enough to meet and live with amy and heidi when we moved to bountiful court apartments (bc #17). after months of anticipation i can honestly say that the reunion *exceeded ALL expectations* (and i had high expectations)! we had a great time reminiscing about all the fun memories we had made together and created a whole bunch more! so here is how the weekend went:

christine, megan, anna, me, gina, amy, heidi at the mt. timpanogas temple. it was our first time all being at the temple together!

christine and megan. cruising in the honda odyssey. i'm sure we were a funny sight...7 girls cruising around in a mini van, jamming out to the awesome cd amy made of all the songs we used to listen to together. gina was our awesome chaffuer.

lunch at burger supreme in provo
me and the pump. it was a key part of our reunion. anna and i were lucky enough sit in the back of the van with amy and assist as needed. back on campus. it was so fun to be back at byu and see all the changes since we were there. christine got the royal treatment in the wheelchair (well deserved since she was 8 months pregnant).
this is us in front of the new gordon b. hinckley alumni building...appropriate since we are all alumni now!
enjoying a movie at provo's classic movie 8 dollar theater.
back at the bc!!
we even had a few guys hit on us, but they were told that our
husbands and babies wouldn't approve of it. we even knocked on the door of apartment 17 and looked around (i'm sure the girl thought we were a little crazy). it was fantastic to be back there because we had so many fun times in that apartment. we even found the pink lightswitch plates we put up years ago still there. and of course we had to take a picture on couch (where we took many apartment group photos). our reunion wouldn't have been complete without a visit to the bc!! our reunion would also not have been complete without a visit to the provo cafe rio.
we rounded out friday night with a gift exchange and plenty of talking.
shopping at the outlets in park city (no pictures...it was serious business)lunch at sweet tomatoes

pedicures! we pretty much took over the whole nail salon and had such a great time. it's probably good no other customers were there because we were loud and a little out of control. gina and heidi rocking out while playing guitar hero. gina looks like she is living out her rock star fantasy!
the pj picture!
we finished out our reunion with a traditional dance party. it was the perfect way to end an amazing reunion. it was sad to say goodbye, but we'll all be back together in 3 years for our 2010 reunion! i love you girlies!! thanks for a fantastic weekend!