Sunday, January 31, 2010


there was really nothing unusual about this weekend, but it was wonderful and i'm sad to see it end. some things that made this regular weekend so fun:

  • a nice run outside
  • cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for no reason (well, actually dave requested them for dessert on monday when we had the missionaries over and i forgot until that night while we were laying in bed. so i was making it up to him :) everything is better with cream cheese!
  • visiting teaching. i'm not always the best at it, but i really enjoy it.
  • games and great conversation with our favorite friends.
  • sleeping "in"
  • hip hop class
  • hanging out with my parents
  • dave having a fantastic time at his fly fishing lesson (my birthday gift to him. i love when i give a good gift.)
  • taking a walk as a family in beautiful weather
  • date night with dave (thanks to pete, kathy & kari for hanging with logan)
  • cafe rio (in denver! woo hoo)!!! and for free thanks to it being byu alumi night.
  • listening to a lesson taught by 2 of my young women
  • leftover cafe rio (although not as much as i should have had. i ate way too much on saturday night that i felt sick. really sick. but i just couldn't stop myself. i was so excited for cafe rio)
  • reading with dave
  • the grammys
here's to a new week and a new month!

Friday, January 29, 2010

a favorite of mine

my favorite time of the day with logan is after his first feeding (which happens in my bed so i can stay all snuggled and warm...and doze off comfortably while he eats). we stay in bed for about 30 minutes and play with a collection of toys and read books. he is full and happy and flashes that killer smile at me and i get to stare at those rosy cheeks (his "nursing cheeks"). it is the best way to start out the day!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

by the way...

dave used some of his birthday money to get me my very own gun (a NERF gun. after 2 confused comments i decided i better clarify). isn't he sooo nice?! while i was gone, he and logan took a trip to target and picked me out a beauty. by the time i got home it was out of the package and ready for action. the battle commenced as soon as logan was in bed (and crying himself to sleep...probably because he knew he was going to miss out on all the fun). dave, it is officially on...

Monday, January 25, 2010

ready, aim, fire!

for months dave has wanted a nerf gun. every time we went to target he would find his way to the toy section and stare longingly at his desired gun (a big one...actually 2 guns in one, with a scope and even a little tri-pod). so for his birthday i surprised him with "the gun." he was stoked and has had fun shooting me when i least expect it ever since. but tonight i was prepared. i retaliated and it was war! we ran around the house for at least 25 minutes shooting at each other. i am amazed logan didn't wake up since we ran by his room (with the squeaky floorboard) constantly. let me just say, life with dave is never boring! i sure love him!

Friday, January 22, 2010

6 months

well, logan has made it to 6 months. as i wrote in my last post, i can't believe he is half a year old! the time has gone so fast! it is so much fun to watch him learn and grow. at times it seems like we can see the wheels turning in his head as he tries to figure something out. i am so grateful i get to spend everyday with him. it really is my dream job!
here are his stats:
16 pounds 5.5 ounces - 25th percentile
26.5 inches - 50th percentile
43 cm - 25th percentile
his growth has started to slow down a little as he moves around more.
he was not happy about getting his shots this time and made it known. i think the whole office knew.
these days logan:
  • smiles so much! i love when the smile seems to take over his whole he just can't contain his happiness! he is getting better at smiling for the camera. lately when i try to take a picture with either the camera or my phone, he leans to the side, trying to see my face around the camera.
  • loves the mirror! after he wakes up from his naps we go and say good morning or afternoon in the mirror. he gets the biggest smile on his face (he must be a big fan of himself) and begins to pat (or bang) on the mirror.
  • is becoming more aware of the sound it makes when he bangs on something...the table, the mirror etc.
  • always greets us with a smile and often a squeal when we get him up from his naps. it is the best welcome!
  • is "talking" more and making new noises all the time
  • seems to prefer hanging out in just his diaper to wearing clothes. and definitely prefers bare feet to wearing socks.
  • has started to become a mama's boy and sometimes cries when i leave the room.
  • loves to have his fingers kissed and "munched" on.
  • has definitely become more "grabby." he will grab at anything around him and usually once he gets it, it ends up in his mouth (like the paper above, a new favorite and definitely the highlight of the "photo shoot"). a couple of weeks ago i was sitting at a table, holding him and he got his hands on a glass of water and pulled it over. i didn't realize it until my pants were suddenly soaking!
  • is awesome at sitting on his own. he loves to sit and play with toys. last night dave and i were sitting on the couch and logan was totally content sitting in between us and playing with his toys. his new favorite toy are the links (rings).
  • loves to be around people and in on the action (like his mom). he only lasts for a short time if left playing in a room by himself before he wants to be with people again.
  • has become sensitive to loud, sudden noises when he gets tired. in the last week dave and i have made him cry a few times when we've shouted with excitement about something.
  • still refuses to roll. he can do it, he just has no desire to. usually tummy time results in him laying his head down on the floor and crying. we keep thinking he will realize if he just rolls onto his back he won't have to be on his tummy anymore and the problem will be solved. we figure rolling will happen when it happens.
  • still loves the bath! he has started to kick like crazy when he's in the bath. i love to see his chubby little legs going!
  • still isn't sure about solid foods. rice cereal is definitely not his favorite thing and he is still trying to decide what he thinks about pears.
  • logan used to wake up like clockwork between 7:30 and 7:45 every morning. it was perfect. but the last few weeks he has decided to wake up between 6:30 and 7:00 am. no me gusta.
  • loves to turn around and look up at us when he is sitting on our lap. dave and i have decided this is one of our favorite things!
apparently we're not the only ones in shock about him turning 6 months old.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

growing up

it is official. our baby is growing up. of course it's inevitable and has been happening since the day he was born, but it has suddenly really hit me. he is a full blown baby and is no longer an infant. this became very clear two weeks ago when we went to meet morgan, cole and mindy's beautiful new baby girl. i couldn't believe how tiny she was. when i held her i couldn't tell if i was holding a baby or just a blanket. she was so light. it doesn't feel like that long ago that we were at the hospital and logan had just arrived. but time has flown by. he is now 6 months old. half a year. wow! and suddenly next to morgan he looked HUGE. like he could just eat her!!
as a side note, it has been decided that morgan and logan are going to get married. there is no doubt that she will rock because look at who her parents are. plus, we like the idea of being connected to cole and mindy for life. hope logan doesn't mind that we made the decision for him :)

to reinforce the fact that logan is growing up, he no longer subsists on just milk. we fed him rice cereal for the first time and i'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
his favorite part: throwing his spoon and cup

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

happy 28th birthday!

happy birthday to the one who makes me so happy!
i love you david james!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

lil' swimmer

for family home evening on monday we took logan swimming for the first time. he loves baths and we were curious to see what he would would think of swimming. he ended up liking it after the initial shock of the cold water wore off. i just loved seeing him in his little swimming suit! our favorite part was the lazy river, which had a current that swept us along a loop of the pool. we even got him to kick a few times when we would hold him on his stomach. we can't wait to go again...although maybe this summer when we can go outside and the cool water will be refreshing instead of just cold.

fun times

last week we were lucky enough to go on 2 double dates with cole and mindy. we love hanging out with them and were happy to squeeze in a little time together before they welcomed morgan, baby number 3!
first, they scored some last minute tickets to a nuggets game. they called 15 minutes before the game started and after a little scrambling, we were on our way (thanks to kari and sterling who watched the munchkin). we had a great time and the nuggets pulled out a win at the last minute. here's a funny story about mindy. when she was going through security to get into the game she had her jacket zipped up. the man with the metal detector poked the bulge under her jacket with the wand and asked, "what is that?" she replied, "a baby." i'm sure he felt a little embarrassed. he said couldn't believe how much it looked like a basketball!
second, the night before the big day (morgan's arrival) we went to see avatar. cole and dave had already seen it the week before without us because we weren't interested. instead we had a girls night and watched a chick-flick. but they came home and raved about it and were so convincing we decided we had to see it. it was amazing!
i told mindy i would take her last belly shot at the movie theater. doesn't she look hot! i think the 3-D glasses were a nice touch!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

who dunnit?!

on new year's eve we hosted a murder mystery party. i have wanted to host one for the past 2 years and i finally made it happen. by "i" i mean "we." i couldn't have done it without dave. i never seem to allot enough time to get everything done and i am scrambling at the last minute (i am an organized procrastinator). he picks up all the pieces for me. in this case it meant he made all the food.

the scene: a chinese tea house
the crime: madame wong, the tea house owner, is poisoned by a blow dart
the task: figure out who dunnit
it was a fun evening! we had yummy chinese appetizers, dave put together an "asian" playlist for background music, everyone looked fantastic, played their part wonderfully and there were only a few awkward silences (and all the while logan slept like an angel baby in the back...thank goodness). i am ready to do another one!
our first picture of 2010
watching the ball drop
a new year's kiss
a bottle of martinelli
a lazy new year's day
dave and logan watching tv
happy 2010!
12 days in and i am feeling good about this new year and new decade. i love fresh starts!

tis the season

the month of december was filled with all sorts of festivities. i love that christmas encompasses more than just a single is a whole season of celebration.
at the beginning of the month dave was able to see his favorite band, "30 seconds to mars," in concert. it made his whole month!
we went to the denver zoo for "zoo lights" (if you look closely you'll notice dave and logan are standing in a hippos mouth)
we had dinner downtown at the old spaghetti factory with friends and then went to see the lights at the city and county building
we relaxed and took naps
i got to see quite a few friends that i hadn't seen in awhile (although i didn't take pictures with most of the people. this one i almost forgot to take. i remembered after i had loaded logan in the car to leave. so i ran back in and we took a quick one. not my cutest picture, but still worth it). i got to see friends from growing up, high school, college (my old roommate amy in the picture above) and post college. it was so fun. i love friends!
we celebrated christmas eve with gammy and pappy. it was wonderful!
logan got spoiled. apparently it tired him out and he needed to rest his head on his present.
opening his presents. he was digging the shiny bow.
checking out his new book
on christmas morning we joined my parents downtown to serve christmas dinner (at lunchtime) to the homeless. it is my favorite christmas tradition. dave and i greeted the people as they arrived and escorted them to their seats. logan was a huge hit. it was touching to see these rough and tough folks just melt when they saw him. logan was the best "greeter" they could have had.
we even managed to squeeze in some time with the big man himself. his beard is real and it was awesome!
wearing our crowns from our christmas crackers.
our good friends mindy and cole and their boys were able to join us at my parent's house for christmas dinner since they couldn't go home to utah for the holiday. this is the only picture i got :( i am sure mindy will be thrilled i posted it!

we had a wonderful christmas season and are grateful to celebrate the birth and life of our savior. because of him we have peace, hope and love in our lives.