Wednesday, April 29, 2009

baby bump - 30 weeks

i thought it was finally time to post a belly picture. my belly finally "popped" and has seriously doubled in size over the past 2 weeks. it's really fun!! our little guy is still soo active and we can't wait to meet him in 10 weeks [hopefully just 10 ;)] i can't believe how fast the time has gone.

and i had to post a picture with my cute husband. check out the beard he is sporting! it is in preparation for the opening of the wolverine movie this friday, when it will turn into the wolverine chops. stay tuned for those pictures (i'm sure they will be awesome)!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

a wonderful night thanks to a wonderful husband

the last couple of weeks have been rough and stressful at work. yesterday and today were particularly hard and more than once i thought i was going to have a breakdown (either crying or tearing someone's head off...or maybe a little of both). each night dave has patiently listened as i have vented (and whined) to him. tonight he came home with gorgeous roses (the picture doesn't do their amazing lavender/pink color justice) and bubble bath. following dinner he sent me to the bathroom while he did the dishes and cleaned up. i lit my favorite candle and relaxed in the tub for almost an hour, while catching up on "what to expect when you're expecting." it was just what i needed to gear up for the rest of a stressful week (make that 2 weeks). dave is my biggest and best supporter. i don't know what i would do without him. thanks baby! you are the best! i love you!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

california dreamin'

last month dave and i headed for a weekend getaway to california to visit dave's best friend zach and our friend trina in los angeles. it was the perfect weekend to get away because the weather in denver was cold and snowy and we were ready for some california sunshine (although we were worried that the sudden blizzard that hit denver would make it impossible to fly out but lucky for us everything worked out perfectly).

we had our first experience with wally park valet airport parking. i get a discount through work and it seemed like the perfect morning to try it out. we arrived at wally park at 3:45 AM (yes, we crawled out of bed at 2:30 AM. i wanted to cry because it was so early) and it was snowy and sooo cold. we were happy to leave the car (and have someone else park it for us) and head inside for some hot chocolate before our shuttle picked us up. our flight left denver late and we had 10 minutes from the time we got off the plane in slc until our flight to LA left, 2 concourses over. we literally sprinted the entire way through the airport and arrived (quite winded and wheezing) at our gate. they were nice enough to open the door back up and let us on (and miraculously our luggage even made it to LA). those were the first miracles of the day. i am sure we were quite the sight running through the airport. i was just proud that even at 5 and a half months pregnant i beat another guy that was running with us to make the flight. maybe it was the fact that it was 7:30 am and he had already had 2 little bottles of vodka. yikes!

we had a fantastic time that included:
- my first experience with cankles. let me tell you, they were H.O.T! dave and i couldn't believe how swollen we both got
- trina's weight lifting class at the gym right after we landed (as if only getting 4 hours of sleep and our airport sprint wasn't enough).
- visiting zach at work for lunch
- dinner at gladstone's, an AMAZING seafood restaurant. they even wrap your leftovers in tin foil in the shape of animals (check out the bunny pic below). it's worth having leftovers just for the cool animal! by the way, their chocolate cake is larger than life. seriously!
- a ferris wheel ride on the santa monica pier
- our first experience with pinkberry! dave is still dreaming of it. who knew captain crunch on frozen yogurt could be soo good.
- a walk down hollywood blvd and the walk of fame
- a visit to grauman's chinese theater
- cruising in trina's convertible in true california style
- a dave and zach jam fest
- breakfast at an amazing little cafe
- a visit to this amazing landmark

and a stop by this beautiful building

we also experienced an LA miracle. while we were at lunch our first day i was looking in my purse and couldn't find my wallet. still no luck after checking the car to see if it had fallen out and i was hoping i had accidentally left it at the apartment we were staying at. then i got a call from my dentist office. the receptionist told me she had just gotten a call from a guy in california that said he had just found the wallet of one of their patients and was hoping she could track me down. turns out my wallet had fallen out in the parking garage when we went to the gym. john, the guy who found it, had gone through my wallet looking for a phone number to reach me at and when he couldn't find one he called the number to my dentist office (good thing i had my next appointment card in there). so we met up with him to get my wallet back. all my cash, credit cards etc. were still there! it was amazing!! i couldn't believe someone would go to such effort to return a wallet. bless john!! i hope good things come his way.

woohoo! all in all it was an awesome trip! we loved visiting zach and trina and can't wait for next time!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

snow, snow go away!

it was one of those nights where we really didn't want to go outside. maybe because it felt more like january than the middle of april. so we hung out on the couch eating pizza dave was kind enough to pick up on the way home from work and watched a movie.

dave did spend some time shoveling the wet, heavy snow off our driveway. and this morning when we woke up we noticed a large section of our neighbor's tree cracked. i'm glad there wasn't a car parked where it landed. i'm hoping this is the last snow for AWHILE! i am more than ready for spring.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

good friday

good looking date + good food (have you ever tried the salmon...and texas roadhouse? yum!) + good visit wandering around barnes & nobles (a family favorite date night stop) + good ice cream (ben and jerry's on sale) + good episode of "heroes" = good friday

it kicked off a good weekend, including: a wonderful easter sunday filled with reminders of our savior, his atonement and resurrection; delicious food (lots of it); a candy egg hunt for me around the house; a visit from the easter bunny (can't wait to cash in the pedicure he gave me); and time with lots of family.

the weekend

not this past weekend though. i am behind. but the weekend before that we enjoyed two quality days at home listening to men and women of god speak. it was wonderful! i was reminded what a blessing it is that god still communicates with us today and i was reminded of many areas that i can improve. since then we've been enjoying todd family insights, as each member of my family shares (via email) their thoughts about conference. my mom started this "tradition" a few sessions (or years ago) and it has been fun to learn from one another, even though we are separated by distance.
i had managed to get some laundry going on saturday before the sessions, but hadn't quite managed to put new sheets on our bed. that didn't matter to dave though. he decided to grab a quick nap before the priesthood session (you can barely see his head sticking out). after taking this picture i couldn't resist, i jumped in and enjoyed a nice little snooze with him. i could use more saturdays like that!