Sunday, February 24, 2008

fun with friends!

i have been slacking at blogging for the last little while and the following are my excuses:

  • we had internet problems. i don't know what happened in the first place to bring on the problems and i am not quite sure what finally fixed them, but i am glad we are back up and running.

  • i became *addicted* to the "twilight" series by stephenie meyer. seriously, it was ridiculous (although i am sure anyone who has read them will understand). when i borrowed the books from my friend mindy, her husband cole said to dave, "you can call me when she starts reading and totally ignores you." any spare minute i had was taken up with reading. i even had a hard time working and would build in little breaks throughout the day so i could read. one night i was reading while brushing my teeth. i told dave i would be right in after i finished brushing. an hour later (at 12:45 am) he found me leaning against the bathroom counter still reading. needless to say i was obsessed and it didn't leave any time for blogging.

  • i thought i had other excuses but i have forgotten them now (obviously not very convincing excuses). refer back to the 2nd excuse...twlight, new moon and eclipse are my main excuse.

for the last couple of weekends we have had some fun times with our friends. even though i am little slow posting about them, i still wanted to share.

most of our fun has involved food and games (food, games and friends...i can't complain):
  • "dirty marbles" and ice cream sundaes with cole and mindy

  • lasagna, amazing carrot cake and "settlers of catan" with cole and mindy

  • "rummikub" and chocolate chip cookies with chris and anna

  • fondue and "ticket to ride"

dave and lincoln, mindy and cole's *darling* little guy. we just love lincoln...and he sure loves dave (all the little kids love dave). he even called dave one day...just to chat. yes, he just barely turned 2 and is quite the social little guy. look at that smile, don't you just want to kiss him?! [i could say that about either guy :)]

the day after valentines day mindy and cole threw a fondue party. it was a really fun night with great food and company. we were definitely full and happy by the end...anna brought a delicious spinach dip, then we had steak, chicken and shrimp fondue followed by lindsay's crepes, chocolate mousse pie and chocolate dipped strawberries (is your mouth watering yet?) even though i brought my camera, i totally forgot to take pictures (that seems to have been happening a lot lately). so the picture below is of the 4 girls (mindy, anna, lindsay and i) the next day at lincoln's 2nd birthday party. i'm so happy to have made good friends in our new ward (and they are *amazing* girls)!

check out the cute train cake that mindy made for lincoln

Sunday, February 17, 2008

birthday fun!

my birthday was on a monday this year and dave made the weekend before (the first weekend in february) really special. we went to the temple with my parents on friday night which was wonderful. even though we live close, we don't get to see them as much as i would always like. saturday night dave organized a little dinner with a few of my girl friends and acted as bartender (you had your choice of a virgin strawberry daiquiri or pina colada), served hors d' oeuvres, acted as chef and waiter. he did a fantastic job and totally loved playing all the different parts...he is a total ham and loves to perform. then we had a fun time just chatting. i'm grateful to have made such good friends here in denver.

sunday we went to my parent's house for dinner and games. my mom made a delicious dinner, the table was decorated so cute, i got to use the special red plate and dessert was wonderful. it is fun to live so close to them. dave and i played hooky from work on monday, my actual birthday, and it was *fantastic* we slept in and then i opted for a birthday breakfast rather than a birthday dinner. i got my favorite french toast at the original pancake house

after breakfast we went shopping and i had a great time trying on all sorts of shoes (as illustrated below).

i didn't end up with new shoes or a new purse like i had intended, but i did get a new coat and some "birthday" jeans so it wasn't a wasted day at the mall. after shopping we went bowling and i ended up beating dave (my final score that is). i must say i didn't do too bad...which is quite the surprise. it must have been a birthday miracle.

i still can't believe that i am 27. it seems much older than 26. nonetheless, i had a great time celebrating!

my valentine!

I also had to include a picture of the beautiful flowers from my Valentine. He did a great job picking these ones!

How long have you been together?
Our 1st date was labor day weekend 2005, although we didn't start dating until September 2006.
How long did you date?
This question is more complicated than it may seem. We had a couple of breaks (1 short, 1 long) in between September 2006 and when we got married in August 2007. But it all worked out and here we are...6 months later!
How old is he? 26
Who eats more?
Dave...except for treats, I definitely eat more treats. Although sometimes I think I can rival him with the amount of food I can consume.
Who said "I love you" first?
Dave said it about a month before I did and when I finally said it, he told me he felt like someone had punched him in the stomach. that wasn't quite what I was going for but he assured me that it was a good thing.
Who is taller?
Dave 5'11"
Who is smarter?
I might be more "book smart," but I think Dave is more "street smart." He definitely knows way more random facts than I do.
Who does the laundry? Me
Who does the dishes?
Whoever doesn't cook
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
When lying in the bed, I am on the right side.
Who pays the bills? Me.
Who mows the lawn?
We don't have a lawn, but if we did Dave definitely would. He likes landscaping. He dreams about what he will do with our yard when we finally have one.
Who cooks dinner?
It depends. I try to do it usually because I feel like it is my wifely duty, but I'm lucky to have a husband who likes to cook and is a great cook!
Who is more stubborn?
I just asked Dave this question and we can't decide. So I guess I will just move on.
Who kissed who first?
Dave kissed me first. It was a funny story leading up to the kiss.
Who asked who out?
He asked me one night after FHE. He told me later that his knees were totally shaking, his hands were sweaty and he felt like he was going to pass gas and pass out. Who knew I was so intimidating!
Who proposed?
He did. Although if you ask him, he might say I did. It's a long story and I still maintain he asked me. Whatever...she totally asked me first! That last part was Dave's addition.
Who is more sensitive?
I am going to copy my friend Kristen's answer (although I'll modify it a bit). I am sensitive in the more girly ways. Although Dave is sensitive and is always thinking of others.
Who has more friends?
I do. I love people and love to make friends. It always makes me sad that I can't keep in better touch with everyone.
Who has more siblings? Me
Who wears the pants in the relationship?
I don't know. When I asked Dave this question he said it wasn't him, but I don't know if I agree. I am definitely more vocal and am always willing to share my opinion so maybe that makes it seem like it's me.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

things i heart

in honor of the month of february (in no particular order):

  • david james wessler (ok, this one is number 1 for a reason)
  • ugly betty
  • making "to-do" lists
  • crossing items off my "to-do" lists
  • a clean apartment
  • sour patch kids
  • candles
  • breakfast burritos from sonic, santiagos or my kitchen when dave makes them
  • reading the blogs of my friends, and sometimes strangers
  • jessica's "camp24" class at the gym (it's actually a love/hate thing...i love the way i feel when i am done...i hate the way i often feel like i am going to die during it)
  • clementines
  • dinner with mom and dad
  • skype and webcams
  • living close to family
  • high heels
  • e-mail
  • cereal
  • cell phones
  • uggs
  • jamba juice
  • great in-laws (and dave's sisters)
  • darling nieces and nephews
  • truth and a knowledge of the restored gospel
  • pictures
  • the george lopez show
  • stephenie meyer's books
  • the way clean sheets and towels smell and feel
  • smelly lotion and perfume
  • hot chocolate
  • my siblings and their spouses
  • dave's cologne
  • flowers
  • living close to the temple
  • making new friends