Tuesday, September 22, 2009

2 months

logan turned 2 months last week.
i can hardly believe it.
here are his stats:
12 pounds - 50th percentile
23 inches - 50th percentile
head 39 cm- 25 percentile
lovin' his daddy!
at the doctor's right before he got his shots. he didn't know what was coming. he had to get 3 shots and it was so sad. i was glad dave was there to help pin him down so i didn't have to do it. we decided to make it a family affair and we all got shots (dave and i got our flu shot). we all were sportin' matching garfield band-aids.
these days logan is:
smiling lots...the kind of smile that lights up his whole face. even his eyes seem to smile (although he stops when the camera comes out). it makes my day to see him smile
cooing and making lots of noises
squirming all over the place
kicking his feet and waving his arms like crazy when he's on his back
holding his head up when he is on his tummy
noticing objects more and starting to "bat" at them
staring at us with his beautiful blue eyes (we hope they stay blue)
splashing in the bathtub
favorite toy: watson the glo worm

current nicknames:
logi pogi
chub chub


logan slept for 8 hours last night!!
i hope this is just the beginning of many more long nights.

girls, girls, girls

for almost a year and half i have worked in the youth program at church with the 12-18 year old girls. it is so rewarding to work with them (and sometimes trying too)! they definitely keep me on my toes. i decided that it was about time i posted some pictures of them because they are cute!
mindy and jessica are the best counselors (and friends). i don't think i could do it without them.
the whole (cold) gang at camp this past summer
katie and haley moved at the end of the summer. those folks in minnesota sure are lucky to have them. these girls are THE BOMB and i miss them soo much! i hope when my kids grow up they are as good as these girls.
we went to the cannery this past week. boy were we in
over our heads. the girls were champs!

the influence of a stranger

i have decided that people are much friendlier when you have a baby. suddenly strangers in public places will stop and talk. and i love it...i love talking to strangers (e.g. when i lived in washington dc i loved sitting by strangers on the subway and learning about their lives. my first visit to nyc i met 2 strangers in the morning while waiting in line for some tickets and hung out with them all day)! last week i was shopping at costco. now it is not the most conducive place to meet strangers, mainly because i feel like if i stop too long in any area of the store i am going to get run over by somebody's huge cart (i swear that store is always packed with people). but i was back in the area by the paper towels (there's a little more room there, so the danger of being run over is minimized) and a lady stopped to look at logan. we ended up chatting for almost 1o minutes about motherhood. she told me about her 4 kids, how fast they grow up and encouraged me to enjoy every moment. she applauded my choice to stay at home with logan. i didn't even find out the woman's name, but i left our conversation wanting to be better. she didn't say anything i hadn't heard before, but just the way she was was inspiring to me. it reminded me how much of an impact we can have on others...even strangers. it made me want to be more kind, friendly, understanding, thoughtful, patient, to give others the benefit of the doubt wherever i go...even in crazy costco.

i love these things

i am all about easy. which is why i like the crock pot. and crock pot cooking is now easier thanks to these little beauties. they make it so there is virtually no clean up...and definitely no scrubbing (the downfall of cooking in the crock pot). it is totally worth the extra money to me. i have been cooking with them for a couple of years, but as i was putting dinner in the crock pot today i was once again thinking how much they rock. reynolds should totally be paying me for this publicity!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

a taste of colorado

we spent labor day in downtown denver with our friends cole and mindy at a taste of colorado, a festival with food and craft vendors. the festival is free, however the food is pricey. i think if we go back again we'll do what cole and mindy did, pack a lunch and then splurge on a treat.
heading downtown on the light rail. logan clearly enjoyed his first ride.
i got to see ali, my friend from work which was fun. she had an awesome booth
me and mindy
i think the fountain with the naked boy on the seal is funny...and kinda weird
payton learning to use the blackberry early!
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

country boy

logan sporting his "farmer joe" look
logan and i have just been dancing around the living room while listening to brad paisley. he's helping me get warmed up for the concert next week. dave accuses me of indoctrinating our boy early with country music. it makes him cringe. but i can tell logan already loves it! he's going to be a country boy!


i'm not really politically savvy. but i want to be better. so in an effort to be more informed i dvr'd the president's address to congress on health care reform last night. i decided to watch it this morning while feeding logan. i will admit i nodded off a few times, only to be awakened by thunderous applause. so i would rewind it to find out what was so exciting. speaking of applause, i think the president's speech would take at least half the time if they didn't let the people clap every 5 seconds. i wonder whose job it is to try and predict how much time applause will take up so that they know how long to schedule for broadcasting. anyway, logan spit up his breakfast all over himself. i don't blame him. politics makes me queasy too.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


we have microfiber couches and they need a little tlc. does anyone have suggestions on what i should use to clean them? i have been looking on the internet for recommendations, but i thought i would see if anyone has anything they have tried that works well.

shake it like a polaroid picture

i like to shake it on the dance floor. but i don't get as many opportunities to do that anymore and so i just dance with logan (and sometimes dave if i'm lucky) to music on my iPod. however, last week i went to a belly dancing class at my gym and shook it...or at least attempted to (and let me say when i shook it, more jiggled than i would prefer). it was so fun and the members of the class were all ages and varied from hard core (complete with the coin belts that make noise when you shake and the metal arm cuffs) to people like me just trying to figure out how to move their hips (just so you know, i secretly want one of the coin belts). i have to say i am excited for the next class. i love workouts that don't feel like they are a workout (and i am hoping this workout will help whittle down my post-partum waist a little). anyone want to join me?!