Monday, April 14, 2014

slice of life: life lately (late january - last week!)

this seems to be the reality of this blog lately: big photo dumps, mostly with pictures from my phone. but i'm ok with it, because these are the little moments that make up my life. the ones that are usually ordinary, everyday moments that i just can't help but grab my phone and snap a picture of. i'm sure years and years down the road, these are the pictures i will treasure because they capture my life at this moment in time.
watching a show in tubs just because (and a visit from cousin collin_

everyday attire

we have entered the lego stage of life. and star wars legos are a huge hit (with logan & dave :) 

my littles
fun with shaving
sleeping beauty. she always looks beautiful when she sleeps.
he may have moved on to legos, but he still loves transformers.
home depot workshops
super grainy, but i love it still

she usually sleeps at the foot of the bed
this girl loves to help. especially when it has to do with connor.
heart attacking dave's car at work on valentine's day
"the ladies love me!"
family valentine's day date. dinner at qdoba (love the free entree with a kiss) and swimming. we did this same valentine's date 2 years ago and decided to recreate it! it was also connor's first time swimming!
my best friend from college, gina, moved to a small town in nebraska last year. their temple is the denver temple, and so while she and her husband attended a baptism session with their youth, we got to play with their kids. logan and emma love theirs kids (emma especially loves jackson and logan especially loves avery). we went to play at an awesome park.
later that evening we hit up a brazilian restaurant for dinner 
i love that little rendezvous with gina are possible now. she used to live in virginia and these kinds of things just didn't happen! 
valentine's day roses
i finally took down my christmas cards in march. i just love them so much there was no way i could take them down any earlier (how can i not love looking at the faces of people i love so much everyday?!)
this was the day that i got a car grocery cart at the store and in the end was pushing an empty car because neither kid wanted to ride in it! can you tell which kid was grumpy?!
these 2 love each other so much. there are few things that bring me as much joy as seeing their love for each other. 
it really is a toss up who is enjoying playing with star wars legos the most (these were actually dave's toys from when he was younger).
this baby is just delicious! 
connor and his friend russ
a toy emma is working for (although to be honest, we keep forgetting about it, which means it's not the incentive we were hoping for)
my parents went on the most amazing trip to costa rica (i dropped them off at the airport)! i love how adventurous they are and i want to replicate their entire trip!
connor and eloise in relief society, playing tug-o-war with the ziploc bag (baby toys are so overrated).
chilly, but still warm enough to get outside and play one morning (in their pjs)
brushing daddy's hair
dave teaches early morning seminary and when he taught about captain moroni and the title of liberty, he had each student create their own title of liberty of the things they stand for and are willing to defend.
picnic on a yoga mat on a tramp
i love that our king soopers (grocery store) still has penny horsey rides (just like when i was growing up). this horsey ride is major incentive the entire grocery shopping trip. they recently switched out the single horse for the double horse. not only is it great so they can ride at the same time (we used to double up on one horse, but i had to hold emma on), but the double horse goes way faster! the kids think it is the best and it produced some amazing giggling and belly laughs from these 2!
ready to go for a spin
he kicks his legs out of his leg holes and then can't get them back into place. so this is our workaround: pants over pjs.
cooking up a storm
based on dave's seminary lesson, the kids made their own titles of liberty (it is their favorite scripture story). they actually thought of a lot of the items on the list of things that are important to us and that we will stand for.
working out! a common scene as we leave the gym. this is their favorite machine. 
my friend's mom gave me this toy at a baby shower shortly before logan was born. she passed away unexpectedly the week before logan was born (her funeral was the day he was born and her viewing was one of the last things i did before i went to the hospital). when i pulled out the baby toys for connor and he began playing with this toy, i couldn't help but think of lorna beth. i had to take a picture and send it to my friend ashley.
"raindrops" falling from the gutters

photography courtesy of emma
dave braided emma's hair. he really is amazing!
grape cheeks!
rough loves from emma
hitting the park in pjs when i was feeling super crummy
snuggles while i was sick (tonsillitis and strep throat). i can't remember the last time i felt so awful.
3 of my favorites!
logan got awarded the reverent star at church. these kinds of things make you feel good as a parent!
one saturday morning the boys went to the store and grabbed some breakfast stuff and made us breakfast while emma, connor and i chilled in bed. it was a fantastic surprise!
spinning with playgroup friends
we made cookies one afternoon while connor and emma slept.
this poor girl got strep throat and was pretty miserable.
batman boys!
general conference snuggles and note taking. 
this guy was biting me too much while i nursed and so i had to wean him. it makes me so, so sad. but it rocks that he can hold his own bottle.
drying her nails.
still allergic to peanuts. bummer!