Wednesday, October 8, 2014

elder and sister todd are AFRICA bound!!

after waiting for 6 long weeks, my parent's mission call finally arrived on august 14th! we had hoped it would come while my whole family was all together for our reunion, but thanks to the wonder of technology, everyone was able to watch them open it (although it almost didn't happen because trying to arrange a time that night that everyone could be available was nearly impossible)!
 bless my mom and dad for their patience. this sat on their kitchen table for about 5 hours before they actually opened it. I could hardly stand it!
thank goodness for facetime (and multiple apple products!)
elder and sister todd with their mission call to the south africa durban mission!! 
i can't get the video to load, but i'm so grateful i have the moment captured (logan and emma love to watch it over and over again)! it was so exciting watching them open their call and there were gasps and screams when we heard where they were going...and a little disappointment when we heard how long they have to wait to go - december 29th (they put october 1st as their availability, so it is a much longer wait than they were hoping for). i'm so grateful for the wonderful example they are. the day their call came my mom said that she and my dad could hardly believe that the time had finally come for them to serve a mission. it is something they have planned on doing their whole marriage. it has been so interesting to see all that they have to do to prepare. last week they each got 6 shots in one appointment (and that isn't even all their immunizations). plus they had to get an fbi investigation and fingerprints and confirmation from their doctors that they aren't criminals in preparation for getting their visa! ha! we're so excited for the adventure and blessings that await them!

connor walks!

for about 3 weeks this guy was on the verge of walking and i thought everyday was going to be the day. finally about 2.5 weeks after his birthday he decided to go for it (i think it was august 14 when he finally took the plunge)!
i think it is so fun to watch the transition from crawler, to taking a few steps but still mainly crawling, to walking a little more than crawling, to full on walker! connor is totally bowlegged and pigeon-toed, which makes him a cute and fun little guy to watch walk. people love watching him walk and always make comments to me about how cute he is! he's trying to run a little more (to keep up with those big kids), but his legs can't always keep up! i still carry him from place to place when we're out in public and he is becoming less and less content with that and is constantly trying to squirm out of my arms. he is a kid on the go! he is also becoming more and more like a little boy and less and less like a baby. it's hurting my heart a bit, even if he is just getting more and more fun.