Friday, August 5, 2011


my sister suzi had a little girl, kate, 18 days before emma was born. it was so fun to finally get the girls together. my mom bought these cute matching dresses and of course we had to take some pictures (i wish i was a better photographer because these pictures just don't capture how cute they are).
they have totally different coloring and don't look alike, but it was fun to see how their movements were the same since they are the same age.
 the picture on the left shows how kate is always stretched out and emma keeps her legs tucked in when she's on the floor.
there were a few mishaps during our little shoot
sometimes they got a little too close for comfort
 so we gave them some space
i can't wait to watch these girls grow up together (although we eventually need to live in the same state. hint, hint 4 years)

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