Monday, November 23, 2009


  • the tortillas from costco rock! i am eating one plain right now and even plain it is soo good. thanks for introducing me to them steph!
  • i love the show glee and think it is hilarious! this is another thing steph introduced me to (she rocks)!
  • i just cleaned out the fridge and now it is empty (and my dishwasher is full of tupperware. why aren't i better at eating leftovers?!). i hope a freak snowstorm doesn't hit or dave and i will be fighting over a few apples, some syrup, yeast and salad dressing.
  • i love cheese. i recently bought a 5 pound bag and i will probably eat almost the whole thing myself (i guess if the freak snowstorm hits we could also live on cheese).
  • logan is sleeping like an angel right now so i can write this brilliant post
  • we had 10 girls in young women's yesterday! it made me soo happy!
  • i nursed logan at meineke today. i asked the guy at the front desk if it was ok and he said yes, but i think he thought it was a little weird. better than a screaming baby for 45 minutes though.
  • i am part of a dinner group and it is fantastic! i make dinner for 2 other families on tuesdays (and deliver it to them) and then on wednesday and thursday i get a meal from the others delivered to me. it is the best arrangement.
  • my friend lindsay moved away today. sad. she has the best style. i wish i could dress like her.
  • i used to live by the gas light in my last car. i figured out i could go at least 20 miles once the gas light came on. 2 weeks ago i ran out of gas for the first time ever. apparently the car i drive now doesn't have a gas light. now i know. luckily my car stopped right in front of my parent's house. no joke. i'm a lucky girl.
  • dave and i each get a monthly allowance. it is the best thing because you get to spend it on anything you want, no questions asked and no justification needed. i didn't get an allowance growing up so it's really exciting.
  • i read the most incredible book last week called "left to tell." it was sad, but amazing and inspiring.
  • i wish i was witty
  • i LOVE edamame
  • today is my sister angela's birthday. she is an amazing, talented, beautiful person and a totally fun and cool mom. i hope i can become more like her.
  • pepperidge farms has really soft honey whole wheat bread. it is perfect for sandwiches.
  • it's not surprising that almost half of these bullet points have something to do with food. i love food.
  • it seems like people haven't been blogging as much the last few days. i miss it when people don't blog (i am addicted).
  • i put painting my toenails on my to-do list today, just to make sure it got done. i just got to cross it off.
  • i daydream about living abroad
  • i want to see taylor swift in concert. she is playing 2 shows in denver in april and both of them are already sold out :(
  • i'm reading the isaiah part of 2nd nephi right now. it is so hard for me to understand. i'll admit i can't wait to get through it. maybe one day i will "delight in the words of isaiah."
  • the older logan gets the harder it is for me to hear him cry
  • dave only has one more day of work and then he is off for the rest of the week! i can't wait to spend 5 whole days with him!!
  • i bought a bag of 100 grand candy bars for our drive to the mountains tomorrow. i have already eaten a good portion of the bag. i'm not sure if the rest of them will make it until the drive tomorrow. maybe they should be our fhe treats. that way there is a reason for eating the rest of them tonight.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

one year ago...

dave was in shock when i gave him a little gift bag...
with 3 slips of paper of 3 important dates...
and 2 of these in it...
a few weeks later it was time to share the news with our parents. we invited them over to celebrate dave's new job and our new place...or so they thought. after dinner we told them we had a game for them to play. we gave them a stack of pictures mixed up and they had to put them in order.
hard at work...
dave's dad finally figured it out (with the help of the others of course)
it said, "we are adding to our family. you are going to be grandparents" (dave was the mastermind behind this. he rocks!)
we gave each set of grandparents the book, "what grandmas/grandpas do best"
oh the difference a year makes!

first halloween

the day started off with a walk, which included jumping puddles and avoiding big piles of snow.
while wearing this cute halloween outfit from jessica one last time
really this last time was pushing it. what was supposed to be pants had turned into capris on our long baby boy (and i don't usually support capris on males)
then we headed to the ward trunk or treat. logan was thrilled...can you tell?! we didn't get a single picture of him smiling (as you will see below)
i know the next pictures all look the same, but we were a little camera happy (hello, it was logan's first halloween...we couldn't help it) and i didn't want to decide which "up close, pouty lion face" picture to leave out! by the way, dave was a lion hunter (check out the huge scar on his face from an angry lion) and me, well, i was along for the ride on the "safari."
a few trunk or treat highlights (mostly cute kiddos in costume). check out the car below. it was awesome! can you tell phill loves halloween?!

family scripture study

we were doing our family scripture study and i thought logan looked so sweet "reading" with dave, so of course i had to grab the camera. logan seemed to really be concentrating on elder scott's conference talk.
he can't get enough of his hands these days

just for fun

logan's first experience with the mullet wig. probably not his last.
little drummer boy
this last one was not so fun for me. it's classic dave though.

2nd annual birthday jam session and wings

even though he lives in los angeles, we were lucky enough to celebrate zach's birthday with him for the 2nd year in a row (thanks to a long layover on his way home from a business trip). i think we've started a tradition...dinner at "city pub" (their blueberry habanero wings are to die for), followed by a little jam session at our house.
zach, dave, kelly and i enjoying the wings
the night wouldn't be complete without the kogan sisters -
andrea and trista

i got confused and thought zach was on his way to canada not on his way home from canada. i was so disappointed when i realized this because i had a list of candy and my favorite pen that i was requesting he bring back for me (all of which are not found in the usa). but he pulled through without even knowing and brought back a variety of canadian candy bars (no pens...he's not a total mind reader i guess). lets just say i was in heaven with my caramilk and wunderbar!
the last time dave and zach played together i was 5 months pregnant and as soon as dave started playing the drum logan started kicking like crazy. this time logan slept through the whole jam session.
post bath serenade
dave and zach playing their "angry song" which really is just plain funny
logan doesn't quite know what to think of the "angry song"

same time, same place next year?! hopefully by then zach will have made it back to colorado permanently!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


a few weeks ago logan and i headed to sacramento to attend our nephew/cousin's baptism. the trip was full of firsts for logan:

first airplane ride
logan did really well for the most part. he experienced nursing and getting his diaper changed at 30,000 feet for the first time! and i experienced changing a blow-out at 30,000 feet. exciting times for both of us!
attending his first baptism
we are so proud of josh for his decision to be baptized and follow Christ's example. we were so happy we could be there for such a special event. we were also lucky enough to hear josh and lexi share their testimonies at church and during our special family testimony meeting. there is nothing like hearing kids share their sweet feelings about Christ.
first visit to a pumpkin patch
we visited the coolest pumpkin patch. it had so many fun things to do: climb on old trains and tractors, a petting zoo, hay to jump in, huge tires to crawl on and delicious ice cream cones and apple cider!
first time in a double stroller
i didn't bring a stroller on this trip and so i used my sister's double stroller when we went to the mall. i got a lot of strange looks and even a few comments from concerned shoppers that were afraid i had lost the other stroller occupant! at the mall i was introduced to the most amazing popcorn shop. i was also sad that i left my visit to h&m empty handed (denver doesn't have one and i had high hopes of stocking up on some cute clothes).
first time "carving" pumpkins with papa
my dad is the best pumpkin carver. i have great memories of carving pumpkins with my dad (once in high sschool he even helped me carve a pumpkin to respond to a guy who asked me to homecoming). my dad was helping myles, lexi and josh carve their pumpkins and logan participated in his own way...

first time in a jack-o-latern
fun with cade and carter
not a first, but too cute not to include! logan met 10 of his 11 cousins when he was just a few days old (his 11th cousin was born a couple months after him). this visit was a great reunion with 5 of them. cade and carter loved holding, kissing and playing with "baby logan!"

limp noodle logan
mark holding logan while he impersonates a limp noodle. seriously, how does he fall asleep like that (his head looks like it is about to break off)?! he seems to love it though.
logan's new sleeping habit
he loves to have his blanket over his face. he loves this "lovey" mindy made him.

we had so much fun with the rawlings! the time just flew by. a few other first's:
  • leaving logan with a complete stranger for the first time (at the kid's club at the gym)
  • watching "high school musical 3" for the first time
  • running with my sister (i can't remember if this is a first. if anything it is the first time in a long time. she kicked my butt. she is running a half marathon in a few weeks so she rocks running)
  • walking myles to kindergarden
  • watching myles and josh play soccer
  • watching the twins tear it up on their razor scooters (and apparently they weren't even at their peak performance)
heading home to snowy colorado...
the flight home was so much better. mainly because we were on a normal sized plane (on the way there we were on a regional jet...tight even if you don't have a baby on your lap) and we had a whole row to ourselves. logan sprawled out on 2 seats and slept like an angel baby for most of the flight!