Friday, August 31, 2007

Wedding Festivities

our wedding day (and weekend) was perfect! our friends and family started arriving on wednesday night and by friday evening everyone was here for the festivities. friday night we had a great "rehearsal" dinner at mimis cafe. dave's parents did a fantastic time planning it, the food was great and dave's mom surprised me with the cutest decorations.

andrea, liz and i-friends from my mission who made the trip from utah

dave's mom made the cutest vases for gerber daisies with our engagement pictures. they were so cute we used them at the reception.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

lunar eclipse

last night (or technically this morning) dave and i got up at 3:50 am to see the lunar eclipse. it was pretty amazing because it was a total lunar eclipse, meaning the sun, earth and moon were in total alignment. it was the second (and last) one for 2007. we stood on our back porch for a little while staring up at the sky and dave kept reminding me i needed to talk more quietly since our neighbors were all sleeping (i have problems being quiet)! we also got to enjoy our beautiful view of the denver temple all lit up.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

the wesslers

after a short two and a half month engagement (which was long enough...we were SO excited to get married) dave and i were married in the denver temple on august 4th. so i have been a wessler for exactly 3 weeks now (although i am still working on making it "official." there is seriously at least an hour long wait at the social security office every time i go) and we are loving married life!! we don't have any of our wedding pictures back yet, but i thought i would post some of our engagement pictures.

Our photographer loves this one because it looks like a heart.

I love this one!

i love that dimple (he will be embarassed i put that)!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

here we go!

i have wanted to start a blog for ages. i am officially addicted to the blogs of many of my friends' and love the way those blogs can pass the time on a slow day at work and keep me up to date with the lives of those i don't get to see very often...or ever. so i decided it was time for dave and i to join the blog-o-sphere. we're just starting our life together and we thought this would be a great way to keep people updated on the little (and big) moments in our lives (the blog title is also a shout out to my favorite singer brad paisley...i love the song "little moments)!