Friday, January 20, 2012

30 random things

in honor of dave's 30th birthday today i thought i would share 30 random things about him. so here we go...
  1. he doesn't think a salad constitutes a meal, even if it has meat in it (but we still have salads for dinner because i like them)
  2. even though he is afraid of heights, he used to rock climb in college
  3. he played the saxophone in high school
  4. if he could, i think he would move back to durango (where he went to college) in a heartbeat
  5. he still has a watch that he got when he was 18 years old (and you would never guess it was 12 years old. talk about a quality watch)
  6. he is a mama's boy ;)
  7. depending on the color of his shirt, his eyes either appear blue or sea green-ish
  8. i had never seen dave without facial hair until we took our engagement pictures
  9. he is an eagle scout and very proud of it
  10. he is the first person in his extended family to get his master's degree
  11. he is very protective of his 2 younger sisters
  12. he had never changed a diaper before logan was born (boy did that change quickly)
  13. he is awesome at impersonations (i love his jack sparrow and gollum)
  14. he has amazing dimples!
  15. he is a romantic, which is perfect since i love romance!
  16. he never had braces but has pretty straight teeth
  17. even in the middle of the summer he rarely wears shorts (although i am wearing him down)
  18. his sheets have to be untucked at the bottom when he sleeps (i'm the opposite, mine have to be tucked in)
  19. he always sleeps with socks (i on the other hand can't sleep with socks and he hates it when i put my feet on his and he can feel the cold through his socks)
  20. he wants to own a motorcycle one day
  21. he has never left the toilet seat up in the 4.5 years we've been married. good man!
  22. his eyes get totally bloodshot when he gets tired (like he's been up to a little something he shouldn't)
  23. he is a classic introvert. i read a quote by ann landers that describes us perfectly, "at every party there are two kinds of people - those who want to go home and those who don't. the trouble is, they are usually married to each other."
  24. he is very good at expressing his feelings in writing (especially about me ;)
  25. he has texture issues when it comes to food
  26. you can tell how long someone has know dave by what they call him, dj or dave/david. i am the only one in his family that doesn't call him dj.
  27. when we got married dave didn't have much of a sweet tooth. i have rubbed off on him and now he is known to crave ice cream and brownies.
  28. he is a lefty
  29. he has never lived outside of colorado
  30. it was love at first sight for dave ;)
happy birthday my love! i am so glad that you were born 30 years ago and i am grateful we get to be together for eternity! you make life full of happiness, laughter and fun! thanks for being mine. you're my everything!

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