Wednesday, February 1, 2012

4th annual things i heart...

in honor of the month of february (in no particular order):
  • my sweet husband (what else could be number one?!)
  • being a mother. it's what i always wanted to be and is greater than i imagined.
  • an clean house (which is sadly not the case right now)
  • meaningful scripture study
  • discovering emma in funny places now that she is crawling 
  • holding hands with dave
  • good friends
  • organizing/deep cleaning
  • chocolate milk
  • bare essentials makeup
  • the start of a new month 
  • pandora 
  • my camera
  • living close to family 
  • discovering new blogs
  • making lists (and crossing things off lists)
  • how my kids love each other 
  • big bang theory
  • music
  • toms (shoes)
  • snuggle's from logan (they're rare which makes them even more precious)
  • playgroup
  • a bed that's made
  • learning something new
  • watching dave as a father. amazing!
  • the relief society organization
  • blog comments (hint, hint ;)
  • the kids' nap time
  • sunny days 
  • my classes at the gym
  • the way emma flaps her arms when she is happy or excited
  • when dave gets home from work
  • discovering new recipes (good and easy ones)
  • the temple
  • sara bareilles' song (and video) "gonna get over you"
  • truth
  • reminiscing 
  • getting into bed at the end of the day and cuddling with dave for a bit (before we both roll over to go to sleep)
  • really feeling like heavenly father knows and loves me
  • going on walks
  • setting goals
  • surprises
  • the restored gospel of jesus christ
  • eternal families
  • dates with my dude
  • running outside
  • treats, pretty general but i pretty much love them all
  • emma's smile
  • getting ideas from creative people (since i am not one of them)
  • pinterest (to go along with the last one)
  • raspberry chipotle sauce from costco
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it's funny to see the things that are consistently listed

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Holly said...

New EASY recipe. We call it "yummy chicken" because everything needs to have a name and it is! But you can call it Holly's chicken if you want ;)

4-5 chicken breasts
3 cans cream of chicken
1 8 oz. package cream cheese
1 packet of Italian seasoning

Put it all in the crockpot. 8 hrs. for low, 4 hrs. for high. (My friend said you could even put the chicken breasts in frozen!) Shred chicken an hour before serving. Serve over pasta. (Bowtie is our favorite.)