Monday, February 13, 2012

las vegas: day three

i'm finally back to blogging! all my free time for the past week and a half has been spent studying for a fitness test i took this past friday (and hopefully passed. fingers crossed. i'll know in 4-6 weeks). it was great to be learning something new and stretching myself, although it's been a long time since i was a student and i thought my brain was going to explode! anyway, back to our vegas trip!
on friday we slept in again (and i feel like that is definitely blog worthy)! i think i slept until 10 am! bless those blackout shades. it was amazing! kristi was nice enough to let us borrow her car while she was working and we headed to the las vegas temple.    
it was beautiful and the green grass and flowers were such a contrast to the area surrounding it. we enjoyed a wonderful session and spent a lot of time enjoying the stunning celestial room and talking about some of our insights. both of us commented on the contrast of light. we had spent the last couple of days on the strip which was all lit up and quite dazzling. but none of it could compare to the pure and beautiful light we experienced in the temple (both literally and figuratively). it reminded me of the scripture in isaiah that refers to the temple as a place of refuge from the storm. the contrast was so blatant and it was a wonderful reminder. 
 i just found this picture online and i thought it was too cool not to share!
after the temple we met kristi for dinner at a pizza place in the new york new york hotel. the pizza was so yummy!
 that night we were lucky enough to get to see david copperfield (for free)! his show was pretty amazing. i don't think i could tell how he did any of his tricks (including the one where he made 13 audience members disappear from the stage...they were under a big sheet for part of the back of the theater). dave and i actually got to help out with his 2nd trick. it was pretty fun to be part of the show! and then we even got to stay after the show with a small group to preview a new trick he was thinking of adding to a future show. his show really was cool!


Alison @ Oopsey Daisy said...

I'm so jealous you got to see David Copperfield!

Cara said...

you're such a nice wife to give dave this trip! and i love seeing you at hoover dam and the temple - nothing like seeing my home through someone else's eyes! :)

ps. i'm soooo glad you love the vegas temple - it's by far my absolute fave!!!