Friday, February 24, 2012

emma: 10 months

just when it doesn't seem possible, this girl gets cuter and cuter. she's showing her personality more and we can't get enough of her squeals and smiles. here are some things about her at 10 months:

she is constantly making "ma ma ma" and "ba ba ba" noises
she mimics our sounds. dave will scream out and she will mimic it. she's also starting to copy our movements.
she runs the back of her hand back and forth over her mouth and makes a funny noise
(i don't know how to describe the noise, but hopefully this description will be enough to remind us in the future of this funny thing she did). 
she shakes her head back and forth all the time. we're not sure why she does it, but it looks so cute.
she is crawling all over the place. i never know where i'm going to find her.
when she does her "distressed" cry, i know to start looking for her. usually she has gotten herself into some sort of precarious position.
she still loves to eat. for the most part we'll give her whatever we're eating and she has yet to turn anything down. dave likes to compare her eating to the guy on man versus food, who does the food challenges! today we were at costco and got a sample of a smoothie. i gave her some and she loved it. she was not satisfied with the little taste i gave her and kept demanding (in her cute way) more. 
she does not like it when logan (or anyone else) takes away whatever she was playing with and she makes it known.
she gets so excited when we come to get her out of bed. usually she is sitting up waiting for us and when she sees us she begins to make excited noises, flaps her arms and bounces up and down!
she feeds herself whatever she can get her hands on
she is pretty content to play on her own (especially with things that are not toys)
she loves her brother and wants to be wherever he is
we play "how big is emma?" and she will raise her arms up when we say "so big!" it is pretty dang cute! especially because she can't always seem to get her arms all the way up. she seems pretty pleased with herself (probably because of our excited and gushing response).
her 2 top teeth are poking through. dave says she has beaver teeth, 2 on top and 2 on the bottom!
she loves when we dance with her. it seems to immediately cheer her up if she's sad.

(i love all that chub!)
people comment about how she is just a content and happy baby. we couldn't agree more and are so happy to have her in our family. 

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