Thursday, February 7, 2008

things i heart

in honor of the month of february (in no particular order):

  • david james wessler (ok, this one is number 1 for a reason)
  • ugly betty
  • making "to-do" lists
  • crossing items off my "to-do" lists
  • a clean apartment
  • sour patch kids
  • candles
  • breakfast burritos from sonic, santiagos or my kitchen when dave makes them
  • reading the blogs of my friends, and sometimes strangers
  • jessica's "camp24" class at the gym (it's actually a love/hate thing...i love the way i feel when i am done...i hate the way i often feel like i am going to die during it)
  • clementines
  • dinner with mom and dad
  • skype and webcams
  • living close to family
  • high heels
  • e-mail
  • cereal
  • cell phones
  • uggs
  • jamba juice
  • great in-laws (and dave's sisters)
  • darling nieces and nephews
  • truth and a knowledge of the restored gospel
  • pictures
  • the george lopez show
  • stephenie meyer's books
  • the way clean sheets and towels smell and feel
  • smelly lotion and perfume
  • hot chocolate
  • my siblings and their spouses
  • dave's cologne
  • flowers
  • living close to the temple
  • making new friends


Megs said...

I heart you! I wish I had personally made the list though. What a fun idea. I might have to do something similar. I am still waiting for birthday updates. Did you get my email??

sethro said...

meg and i heart you guys too. happy v day.

Cole and Mindy Smith said...

You're obsessed with Stephenie Meyer

Maegan said...

I am totally obsessed with Stephanie Meyer too. I check her website at least weekly to see if Breaking Dawn will be done any sooner.