Monday, February 20, 2012

valentine's day: family style

our valentine's day was simple, but so much fun! 
 we took advantage of qdoba's valentine's deal, buy one entree and get the second one for a kiss! that's right, i just had to kiss my valentine and we got a free burrito! 
 emma loved her black beans
 and then we went swimming. logan had been begging to go for awhile, so it seemed like the perfect night to go. both our kids are water babies and love swimming. logan has no fear when he's got his floaties on. 
logan loved this slide. he went down it over and over again. and dave i enjoyed going down the bigger slide over and over again (no picture)
 my attempt at getting a picture of both of them
 i gave dave some riesen candie's, telling him all the "riesens" why i love him. and the kids and i made him a cute card with our thumbprints. i'm grateful other people are creative and that i can use their ideas (found here)
 dave came home with some beautiful flowers. man i love fresh flowers! 
the next day logan gave his friends at play group valentines he colored. 

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