Friday, February 17, 2012

slice of life: life at our house lately

eating cereal together on the floor is a daily occurrence. 
  lately logan has been requesting a bib since emma wears one when she eats her cereal.
bold fashion choices by logan.
a tie with his regular clothes and wearing underwear outside his pants. not too casual, but not too dressy!
 cuddle time with emma. 
she even fell asleep on me which was definitely picture worthy (despite how i look)
 emma has discovered her nose...and that you can put your finger up it ;)
 for a couple of days logan wanted to sleep with his flip flops in bed with him. whatever!
emma sometimes finds herself in precarious positions with her newfound mobility 
she has also discovered the door stop which provides some great entertainment
 cute pink bum and tutu!
 feeding herself noodles. at least some of them made it into her mouth!

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Holly said...

My boy also LOVES the doorstop. (Along with everything else that he shouldn't be into, but oh well.)