Friday, February 17, 2012

my birthday weekend

my birthday was a couple of weeks ago. i have never really worried or cared about getting older, but i must admit that i had a little bit of a hard time turning 31. turning 30 wasn't that bad. it was fun and exciting. but 31 seems significantly older to me than 30. i am officially "in my 30's!" last week i was filling out an evaluation and suddenly my age range fell in the 31-40 category. yikes! ok, enough whining! it was a fun birthday and we celebrated for 3 days and i can't complain about that! the night before my birthday we celebrated with dinner at a nearby indian restaurant. we were glad it was close because there was 2 feet of snow on the ground by the time we left for dinner. both kids loved the sweet potato masala. i had to laugh because i was 21 or 22 the first time i had indian food and they are 2 and a half and 10 months!  
emma needed a little extra cuddling that night and dave was more than happy to oblige
 the next morning, on my actual birthday, dave told me i had to stay in bed while he took care of breakfast. i was more than happy to obey. he prepared a yummy breakfast and bought me some beautiful star gazer lilies. 
the lilies once they opened
 i wasn't going to post this picture because it definitely isn't my cutest, but hey, it's reality. i got to cuddle with these two while dave slaved away.
 another charming picture (frizzy hair and all)
 these two love to sit and eat their cereal together
 too funny (left) and too cute (right) not to capture
 then we headed to the children's museum. i must really be a mom when my birthday request is to do something for my kids. but seeing them happy makes me happy and quality family time seemed like a good way to spend my birthday! who wouldn't want to play with these two: 
 and this little one?! of course we took lots of picture, so a separate post is coming.
 that night we got together with my family for dessert and games. this is the only picture i took. it was a fantastic night. scattergories and taboo with my family is hilarious. we laughed the whole night. i love playing games!
 the next night we headed to the wesslers for a little superbowl party. dave finally got to try out the fryer we got for christmas. he made homemade corndogs (some with cheese in them) and they were really good! 
 and they were nice enough to have a yummy bundt cake for my birthday! it was so cute!
logan and gammy watching the fish. logan loves to sit and watch them.
 it was a fun weekend of celebrating. 31 is bound to be a good year!

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