Wednesday, February 15, 2012

las vegas:day four

our final day in vegas we met up with a friend of dave's from college who lives in the area. i don't think they had seen each other since their college days and they had fun catching up over a yummy breakfast buffet (by the way, despite the rumors, there are NOT cheap buffets in vegas least not on the strip). since we payed a pretty penny for the buffet you better believe i ate A LOT (besides, breakfast foods are my favorite)! it was soo good! then we walked down the strip to see the conservatory at the bellagio. as we had been told by a few people, it was absolutely beautiful!
the lobby of the bellagio. i thought the glass flowers on the ceiling were beautiful!
the conservatory was all decked out for the chinese new year and each of the dragons represented an element.
then we cruised back to m&m world and caught the free 3D movie. it was cute and well, free! 
and suddenly it was time to head back to the airport. this little getaway was just what we needed. we relaxed and did so many fun things. but really the best part was just being together. cheesy, but so true! it was nice to just be able to focus on each other. and can i just say that i LOVED holding hands with my husband for 4 days straight! such a simple thing, but so wonderful! nowadays we are usually lugging a baby carrier and trying to keep hold of a toddler and our moments of holding hands are brief. but for 4 days everywhere we walked we held hands and i loved it! we were so excited to see the kids! it seemed a lot longer than 4 days. we returned home to sick kids. when we left they were sick and we were hoping they would be better by the time we saw them again, but unfortunately emma was diagnosed with an ear infection that morning (and logan followed suit a few days later). it was sooo good to see them, squeeze them and kiss them! we're so grateful to our families who made it possible!

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