Sunday, January 31, 2010


there was really nothing unusual about this weekend, but it was wonderful and i'm sad to see it end. some things that made this regular weekend so fun:

  • a nice run outside
  • cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for no reason (well, actually dave requested them for dessert on monday when we had the missionaries over and i forgot until that night while we were laying in bed. so i was making it up to him :) everything is better with cream cheese!
  • visiting teaching. i'm not always the best at it, but i really enjoy it.
  • games and great conversation with our favorite friends.
  • sleeping "in"
  • hip hop class
  • hanging out with my parents
  • dave having a fantastic time at his fly fishing lesson (my birthday gift to him. i love when i give a good gift.)
  • taking a walk as a family in beautiful weather
  • date night with dave (thanks to pete, kathy & kari for hanging with logan)
  • cafe rio (in denver! woo hoo)!!! and for free thanks to it being byu alumi night.
  • listening to a lesson taught by 2 of my young women
  • leftover cafe rio (although not as much as i should have had. i ate way too much on saturday night that i felt sick. really sick. but i just couldn't stop myself. i was so excited for cafe rio)
  • reading with dave
  • the grammys
here's to a new week and a new month!

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Anna Cosby said...

so jealous of cafe rio and hip hop. Sounds like a great weekend. Your little guy looks just like Dave - at least, what I see in pictures. :)

Stephanie said...

I'm so mad at you. Why on earth did you keep BYU alumni night a secret? You are the rudest person. :)