Friday, January 22, 2010

6 months

well, logan has made it to 6 months. as i wrote in my last post, i can't believe he is half a year old! the time has gone so fast! it is so much fun to watch him learn and grow. at times it seems like we can see the wheels turning in his head as he tries to figure something out. i am so grateful i get to spend everyday with him. it really is my dream job!
here are his stats:
16 pounds 5.5 ounces - 25th percentile
26.5 inches - 50th percentile
43 cm - 25th percentile
his growth has started to slow down a little as he moves around more.
he was not happy about getting his shots this time and made it known. i think the whole office knew.
these days logan:
  • smiles so much! i love when the smile seems to take over his whole he just can't contain his happiness! he is getting better at smiling for the camera. lately when i try to take a picture with either the camera or my phone, he leans to the side, trying to see my face around the camera.
  • loves the mirror! after he wakes up from his naps we go and say good morning or afternoon in the mirror. he gets the biggest smile on his face (he must be a big fan of himself) and begins to pat (or bang) on the mirror.
  • is becoming more aware of the sound it makes when he bangs on something...the table, the mirror etc.
  • always greets us with a smile and often a squeal when we get him up from his naps. it is the best welcome!
  • is "talking" more and making new noises all the time
  • seems to prefer hanging out in just his diaper to wearing clothes. and definitely prefers bare feet to wearing socks.
  • has started to become a mama's boy and sometimes cries when i leave the room.
  • loves to have his fingers kissed and "munched" on.
  • has definitely become more "grabby." he will grab at anything around him and usually once he gets it, it ends up in his mouth (like the paper above, a new favorite and definitely the highlight of the "photo shoot"). a couple of weeks ago i was sitting at a table, holding him and he got his hands on a glass of water and pulled it over. i didn't realize it until my pants were suddenly soaking!
  • is awesome at sitting on his own. he loves to sit and play with toys. last night dave and i were sitting on the couch and logan was totally content sitting in between us and playing with his toys. his new favorite toy are the links (rings).
  • loves to be around people and in on the action (like his mom). he only lasts for a short time if left playing in a room by himself before he wants to be with people again.
  • has become sensitive to loud, sudden noises when he gets tired. in the last week dave and i have made him cry a few times when we've shouted with excitement about something.
  • still refuses to roll. he can do it, he just has no desire to. usually tummy time results in him laying his head down on the floor and crying. we keep thinking he will realize if he just rolls onto his back he won't have to be on his tummy anymore and the problem will be solved. we figure rolling will happen when it happens.
  • still loves the bath! he has started to kick like crazy when he's in the bath. i love to see his chubby little legs going!
  • still isn't sure about solid foods. rice cereal is definitely not his favorite thing and he is still trying to decide what he thinks about pears.
  • logan used to wake up like clockwork between 7:30 and 7:45 every morning. it was perfect. but the last few weeks he has decided to wake up between 6:30 and 7:00 am. no me gusta.
  • loves to turn around and look up at us when he is sitting on our lap. dave and i have decided this is one of our favorite things!
apparently we're not the only ones in shock about him turning 6 months old.


Jessica said...

Logan is so darn cute, I would love the mirror too! Just growing right up.

Jessica said...
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Jessica said...
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Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

If you're wondering about all those deleted comments, they're mine. I don't know how mine posted 4 times! Sorry.

Amy said...

Cute boy! Fun to read about all he's doing these days. Just about the same as Megan. He's looking so big and grown up.