Tuesday, January 12, 2010

tis the season

the month of december was filled with all sorts of festivities. i love that christmas encompasses more than just a single day...it is a whole season of celebration.
at the beginning of the month dave was able to see his favorite band, "30 seconds to mars," in concert. it made his whole month!
we went to the denver zoo for "zoo lights" (if you look closely you'll notice dave and logan are standing in a hippos mouth)
we had dinner downtown at the old spaghetti factory with friends and then went to see the lights at the city and county building
we relaxed and took naps
i got to see quite a few friends that i hadn't seen in awhile (although i didn't take pictures with most of the people. this one i almost forgot to take. i remembered after i had loaded logan in the car to leave. so i ran back in and we took a quick one. not my cutest picture, but still worth it). i got to see friends from growing up, high school, college (my old roommate amy in the picture above) and post college. it was so fun. i love friends!
we celebrated christmas eve with gammy and pappy. it was wonderful!
logan got spoiled. apparently it tired him out and he needed to rest his head on his present.
opening his presents. he was digging the shiny bow.
checking out his new book
on christmas morning we joined my parents downtown to serve christmas dinner (at lunchtime) to the homeless. it is my favorite christmas tradition. dave and i greeted the people as they arrived and escorted them to their seats. logan was a huge hit. it was touching to see these rough and tough folks just melt when they saw him. logan was the best "greeter" they could have had.
we even managed to squeeze in some time with the big man himself. his beard is real and it was awesome!
wearing our crowns from our christmas crackers.
our good friends mindy and cole and their boys were able to join us at my parent's house for christmas dinner since they couldn't go home to utah for the holiday. this is the only picture i got :( i am sure mindy will be thrilled i posted it!

we had a wonderful christmas season and are grateful to celebrate the birth and life of our savior. because of him we have peace, hope and love in our lives.


Cole and Mindy Smith said...

TOTALLY THRILLED!! I look hot. Not chubby at all!

Binks said...

Was that a BC roommate? She looks familiar....