Monday, February 1, 2010

in need of a new day

today i have been feeling kind of blah and frumpy (the blahness was probably caused in part by the frumpiness and the fact that i didn't workout, which always makes me feel blah). frumpy as in i didn't shower and wore a hat all day and worn out jeans and a shirt that doesn't seem to fit quite right and no makeup and ran errands but still didn't seem to accomplish all i needed to (the last part of which i guess could be the case most days). even when i am feeling (and looking) my most frumpy, somehow dave still tells me beautiful, which is amazing and wonderful (isn't love great?!). but still, it's nice when i feel it too. which is why i am happy to be crawling into bed right now (and cuddling up to my loving husband) and waking up to a new day (that will hopefully be frumpy free)!

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Natalie said...

I've decided that feeling frumpy, a little more than usual, is just part of the whole motherhood gig. And yes, love is grand (even if they are lying about us still looking attractive to them, ha!)