Thursday, January 21, 2010

growing up

it is official. our baby is growing up. of course it's inevitable and has been happening since the day he was born, but it has suddenly really hit me. he is a full blown baby and is no longer an infant. this became very clear two weeks ago when we went to meet morgan, cole and mindy's beautiful new baby girl. i couldn't believe how tiny she was. when i held her i couldn't tell if i was holding a baby or just a blanket. she was so light. it doesn't feel like that long ago that we were at the hospital and logan had just arrived. but time has flown by. he is now 6 months old. half a year. wow! and suddenly next to morgan he looked HUGE. like he could just eat her!!
as a side note, it has been decided that morgan and logan are going to get married. there is no doubt that she will rock because look at who her parents are. plus, we like the idea of being connected to cole and mindy for life. hope logan doesn't mind that we made the decision for him :)

to reinforce the fact that logan is growing up, he no longer subsists on just milk. we fed him rice cereal for the first time and i'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
his favorite part: throwing his spoon and cup


Cassy said...

just wait til his favorite part will being throwing the food! he is a cutie for sure. Im glad i get to see you on thursday mornings!

Megs said...

I can see he eats just like his mom :) He is such a mix between you and Dave. I love it.

Amy said...

Cute! It looks like he's a good sitter. I love the face he's got when he tasted the food. Megan is finally liking cereal better. She loves her veggies, but totally doesn't like fruit. Weird, huh?

Amy said...

Oh, by the way, I'll try not to be offended you're breaking Logan and Megan's betrothal. She'll be devastated. Does it have anything to do with her being a helmet head now?? :)

Kristen said...

Hey, thanks for the comment on our blog. I usually read yours through reader and so I don't leave many comments but I love to see all the fun things you guys are up to. You always have a fun adventure happening. Logan is getting so big. He's very cute!