Wednesday, January 13, 2010

lil' swimmer

for family home evening on monday we took logan swimming for the first time. he loves baths and we were curious to see what he would would think of swimming. he ended up liking it after the initial shock of the cold water wore off. i just loved seeing him in his little swimming suit! our favorite part was the lazy river, which had a current that swept us along a loop of the pool. we even got him to kick a few times when we would hold him on his stomach. we can't wait to go again...although maybe this summer when we can go outside and the cool water will be refreshing instead of just cold.


Cassy said...

He is sooo adorable! My favorite if the one in the top right corner....priceless. I have yet to take Garret swimming, but I can't wait to put him in his swim trunks. Im glad you had fun! I love to read your blog, by the way.

Megs said...

So fun. Looks like Logan had mixed feelings at times :) It is so fun to see them do things for the first time.

Amy said...

Cute! I LOVE wet babies!! I'm glad Logan got used to it. Kudos to you for putting on a swimsuit in the dead of winter (and posting pics of you in it!). :)