Tuesday, January 12, 2010

who dunnit?!

on new year's eve we hosted a murder mystery party. i have wanted to host one for the past 2 years and i finally made it happen. by "i" i mean "we." i couldn't have done it without dave. i never seem to allot enough time to get everything done and i am scrambling at the last minute (i am an organized procrastinator). he picks up all the pieces for me. in this case it meant he made all the food.

the scene: a chinese tea house
the crime: madame wong, the tea house owner, is poisoned by a blow dart
the task: figure out who dunnit
it was a fun evening! we had yummy chinese appetizers, dave put together an "asian" playlist for background music, everyone looked fantastic, played their part wonderfully and there were only a few awkward silences (and all the while logan slept like an angel baby in the back...thank goodness). i am ready to do another one!
our first picture of 2010
watching the ball drop
a new year's kiss
a bottle of martinelli
a lazy new year's day
dave and logan watching tv
happy 2010!
12 days in and i am feeling good about this new year and new decade. i love fresh starts!


www.ackfam4.blogspot.com said...

your ready for another party or baby:)

stephanie and dave said...

ready for another party!! don't get ahead of yourself!