Wednesday, January 13, 2010

fun times

last week we were lucky enough to go on 2 double dates with cole and mindy. we love hanging out with them and were happy to squeeze in a little time together before they welcomed morgan, baby number 3!
first, they scored some last minute tickets to a nuggets game. they called 15 minutes before the game started and after a little scrambling, we were on our way (thanks to kari and sterling who watched the munchkin). we had a great time and the nuggets pulled out a win at the last minute. here's a funny story about mindy. when she was going through security to get into the game she had her jacket zipped up. the man with the metal detector poked the bulge under her jacket with the wand and asked, "what is that?" she replied, "a baby." i'm sure he felt a little embarrassed. he said couldn't believe how much it looked like a basketball!
second, the night before the big day (morgan's arrival) we went to see avatar. cole and dave had already seen it the week before without us because we weren't interested. instead we had a girls night and watched a chick-flick. but they came home and raved about it and were so convincing we decided we had to see it. it was amazing!
i told mindy i would take her last belly shot at the movie theater. doesn't she look hot! i think the 3-D glasses were a nice touch!

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Cole and Mindy Smith said...

Another REALLY sexy picture of me. You take alot of those I've noticed!